1. P

    Good hardware but less performance

    Hello everyone, I have a good configuration pc but it still not performing well as should be. Here are the details of my pc: MotherBoard: Gigabyte X99 UD4 Processor: Intel i7 5960x (5th gen.) RAM: Corsair vengeance 8GB x 2 PSU: Cooler Master G500 RS-500-ACAA-B1 (newer version) GPU: MSI R7-265...
  2. Zangetsu

    Bengaluru girl identified 'bad boys', cops followed up with tech data

    The four youths arrested in the Kammanahalli molestation case had earned notoriety as the "bad boys" of the neighbourhood, riding roughshod over locals who questioned their high-handedness. And that's what helped police close in on them The first success came on Wednesday morning when a college...
  3. mohityadavx

    Safe to use this HDD?

    Hello, I have a HDD which suffered some physical damage. The log below gives the extent of the damage. Can I use this HDD for storage purpose? Is there anything at all I can do to use it in a safe manner or would you recommend me to dump it. Macrorit Disk Scanner Device: Mass Storage...
  4. W

    NVidia GeForce 1050 and ti variant finally released in India

    The wait is finally over!! costing not bad... NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Price in India, Specification, Features | Digit.i Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050Ti Launched Starting at Rs. 10,000 | NDTV
  5. rhitwick

    Bad sector on external HDD

    I've a 2TB HDD with 200KB bad sector. IS there anyway I can isolate/block this bad sector part and continue using this HDD. With bad sector it stops working seldom and copying to and from data has become a PITA. Any help would be really appreciated. Unable to use a huge space due to such...
  6. quicky008

    Issue with bad sectors in new HDD-please help

    Today i bought a refurbished 320 gb hitachi HDD from a local store-the reason i went for a refurb drive was that i was attempting to resurrect an old pc and so i wanted to keep the costs down as far as possible.However on checking the condition of the hard drive using Crystal disk info and HDD...
  7. tamatarpakoda

    Inside the belly of the beast

    While we rarely experience any tornadoes and probably are never going to witness one personally. Some of you might be fortunate(or unfortunate) enough to see one in your lifetime. So how bad can it be?
  8. K

    Laptop+Tablet for 60-70k

    Dear All, I'm looking to buy a laptop + tablet and I have a budget till 60k; can be extended by 10-15k if there is a good trade-off; for my retired Dad. I'm not looking for a gaming laptop i.e., high GPU Specs, but a comfortable HD movie viewing, Convertible tablet for browsing & most...
  9. E

    Which smartphone is the best for people with bad eyesight ?

    I wonder between Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Sony Z Ultra and Nokia Lumia 1520 Which smartphone is the best for people with bad eyesight? I am planning to buy a smartphone for my younger brother-His eyesight is really bad.:-?
  10. mati17

    Please Advice Me on Xiaomi's "Mi Redmi 2"

    Dear All, Want to buy a smartphone under 7K. Some one suggested me to buy Xiaomi's "Mi Redmi 2" online thru flipkart. I found it on flipkart but got double minded by reading one of the following review about the phone : Hardware : Camera : Works fast. Best for the price Processor ...
  11. jackal_79

    Lg G2 - Kit Kat Update - Suggestions ?

    Hi! I bought the new G2 D802T last week and it's currently running Android JB. I found that Kit Kat update has also been released for it recently. But i am getting mixed response on the update as some are having bad and some good experiences. Having attached one of the articles below, has any of...
  12. AshurainX

    which ISP do gamers from chennai recommend?

    Am currently using BSNL. But u guys know how bad the plans are. Thought id ask you guys before i choose ACT.
  13. SaiyanGoku

    Seagate India Refund Query

    I purchased a 1 TB seagate expansion USB 3.0 drive in september 2013. I had to get it RMA'd in Spetember 2014 because it had massive amount of bad sectors. I lost around 80 GB of data. They gave me a refurbished drive. Now, the refurbished one has started to have bad sectors again and...
  14. ashis_lakra

    Negative Experience Primeabgb sucks big time nowadays

    Hi Guys, My last 2 purchases done previous month was terrible and heartbreaking event which has inclined me not to buy online from them ever in future. The first product i purchased was Samsung EVO 250GB SSD on June 20th ( It was written "In stock" on website ). Like my previous dealings ( 2...
  15. Sarath

    Vote count '14. How many of you didn't vote & why?

    As the topic says who all here haven't voted and what are your reasons for it, good or bad.
  16. The Incinerator

    [For Sale] Xonar DGX 1 Day OLD

    My bad luck the the DGX aint working on my PCIe 1 slot, I believe the PCIe x1 slot of my 5 years old P5N-E SLi has gone bad. But works great on my friends PC. I cant change Mainboard/Motherboard for the Audio Card!!! Ill have to sell it off and get the PCI Xonar DG instead. I loved the...
  17. T

    CPU+MOBO+RAM+HDD+PSU <Rs.20000 for low duty Photo/Video/Audio editing with Adobe&CamtasiaStudio

    I request your input on getting a good build for purpose mentioned below: 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: Purpose of this Assembly is as follows with first being top priority and last being low priority: a.Mainly it is for...
  18. S

    WD external HD - Too many bad sectors detected

    My 2TB Western Digital My Passport has stopped working abruptly, only after 8 months of use. It did not fall or anything like that. One moment it was working fine and when I reconnected it 5 minutes later, windows failed to detect it. Went to disk management, it showed disk needs to be...
  19. sohan_92

    HDD issue and Query

    Hi. First of all I want to make clear that my laptop battery is not good enough to provide more than 20 minutes power backup.So,today I forgot to plug again my charger after electricity came back (usually there is no power cut in our area). Before I realized, the laptop got shut down without any...
  20. kaz

    Review Your Apps/Games Here !!!!

    Review Your Apps/Games Here [All Platforms] !! There are so many threads discussing which is a better device based on hardware. But its the apps installed on the phone which makes it stand out from other. So this is where we will be putting the apps/games which we find worth sharing. Rules...
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