1. User Name

    Autopatcher and XP SP3 is same ?

    Is the latest autopatcher and SP3 contains same updates? Should i just go for updating from Sp2 to Sp3 OR use latest autopatcher?
  2. The Conqueror

    Autopatcher Updater 1.0.3 BETA

    About Autopatcher How many times did you have to leave your computer, after a format, to download the updates you had before it? How many times did you have to go do something else, leaving your friend's computer download the load of updates with their poor little dial-up modem? How many times...
  3. din

    Autopatcher is back

    Source For those who love the bleeding edge theres a download link ...
  4. M

    please help.. xp destop icon disappear and appear again and again

    Recently i installed autopatcher from digit's august edition which is "Autopatcher XP May 2007 core" after the complete installation it asked for reboot then i restart the computer. when it started this time it asked for the password but i never set the password so i clicked ok option (username...
  5. aku

    AutoPatcher, "I'll be back, soon..."

    AutoPatcher, the name sounds familiar, isn't it? Sure it does, kind of a savior for 'all' those souls using Microsoft Windows Operating System. When i say 'all', i really do mean it. Ahh.. happy times, just get a copy of AutoPatcher from the net, borrow it from your friend... it doesnt...
  6. R

    AUTOPATCHER SHUTDOWN!!! By microsoft

    AUTOPATCHER SHUTDOWN!!! By microsoft............Go a hell bill.. *
  7. din

    Autopatcher will be back - Hopefully

    I was planning to post this on the other autopatcher thread. But shantanu closed it. I have no clue why he closed it as there were no flame wars or not much diversion (Vista thread didn't reach anywhere and its still open after a lot of flame wars and diversion! ). I pmed him to reopn it but no...
  8. Third Eye

    Microsoft Killed AutoPatcher – No More Third Party Windows Updates

    Bad for dialup users.
  9. Ecko

    Windows XP Update !!!

    If there is a way to integrate AUTOPATCHER XP into Windows XP CD or ISO :?: I've tried many packs such as RYAN etc but they are not as frequent as AUTOPATCHER XP:lol:
  10. A

    Autopatcher XP

    Hi... i jus wanted to know if the previous versions of Autopatcher XP like August05, Dec05, Jan06, Sep06, Nov06 etc. are needed to install the Autpatcher XP May07 Core? Does the May07 Core includes all of the Autopatchers? And where can i get all the previous versions? plz help me.....
  11. CA50

    Mute XP SP2

    I hv got a CelD 2.66, 256mb, 80GB pc runing XP SP2. My pc doesn`t give the usual startup N shutdown sounds. This happened after installing the Autopatcher XP 4m Digit CD. Plz help...
  12. rajat22

    AutoPatcher for Windows XP SP 2 x86 v5.6 Core Release - May 2007

    Homepage - * Size: 304 MB Download from Page *
  13. P

    help needed.

    a few months ago,i downloaded templets from ms office online,after which my pc started hanging.though this problem stopped occuring 2-3 days later,but then my antivirus(avg free7.1)started displaying that the boot sector is infected,though it neither solved this problem nor showed any virus that...
  14. rajat22

    AutoPatcher Vista - April 2007

    AutoPatcher Vista - April 2007 Homepage - * Size: 92.1 MB Download for x86 from page * Download for x64 from page...
  15. hittheswitch

    Autopatcher for Vista - March 2007 available

  16. rajat22

    AutoPatcher for Windows XP SP 2 (32-bit), February 2007 - Update

    AutoPatcher is a comprehensive collection of patches, addons and registry tweaks that give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your Windows system is up to date, even before you connect it to the Internet. AutoPatcher XP is an installation package designed for Windows XP to quickly patch a...
  17. N

    A Windows XP Question

    Is it possible to make a Windows XP SP2 CD/DVD loaded with updates given by Autopatcher XP?
  18. jal_desai

    Dumb Autopatcher...

    i tried to install Autopatcher from this month's dvd ... but the interface was completely blank... i could see the command buttons and radio buttons but NO TEXT .... However intuitively i managed to go two steps in the setup and an error read: Module Panic Module Panic on...
  19. rajat22

    AutoPatcher for Windows XP SP 2 (32-bit) - November 2006 - Full, Lite & Update

    This release is based on the all-new AutoPatcher 5.0. Although it was made with Windows XP SP2 English in mind, it will load on any (English) Windows version, showing only the items which match the running environment. Homepage - * Size of Full version - 330 MB...
  20. gary4gar

    want to built autopatcher for linux

    don't u think that linux is only for the people who have broadband connection with lots of GB's to spare?? so what the Users without internet? so don't u think that there should be something like autopatcher which cointains latests updates,patches and soft need for java,flash, win32 codecs...
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