1. N

    Any guesses on the name & specs of the ASUS phone. launching this August?

    ASUS's ZenFestival is coming to India this August. The rumour is it that they are doing a global launch of a Zenfone (apart from a bunch of other cool stuff) then, in India. No one knows much about this phone except for the fact that it's got a pretty insane front camera. What do you think...
  2. A

    [For Sale] Sony Xperia E for sale

    1. Model number and details: Sony Xperia E single Sim Purchased on august 2013 in good working condition. 2. Date of purchase: In August 2013 3. Warranty details:It is a 1 Year old phone purchased way back in august 2013 with Original bill and box available, with original accessories. 4...
  3. H

    Will the Rupee hit 70 before august end?

    Basically the title. At 68.5 right now with a few more days to go so it seems plausible.
  4. avinandan012

    Positive Experience Bought WD Green 3TB- Hyd

    Hyderabad - Bought WD Green 3TB I bought a WD Green 3TB WD30EZRX. Price : Pricing was excellent most online/offline I visited was offering above 8K, but snapdeal offer 7690 & I am sold. Rating 5/5. Quality of packaging : It came in a sealed anti static bag. Over that was 7 buble wrapped sheet...
  5. Zangetsu

    Mortal Kombat Komplete

    Developer(s): NetherRealm Studios, High Voltage Software (PC) Publisher(s): Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Series: Mortal Kombat Engine: Unreal Engine 3 Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows Release date(s): PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 (NA April 19...
  6. Krow

    Shank and Shank 2

    I just finished Shank and Shank 2. Both are pretty good games if you have an Xbox controller. Both were part of Humble Bundles, so some of you will have them. If anyone wants to try the co-op mode, let me know, we'll figure something out. *
  7. clmlbx

    15 August,26 January , 2 October are not an National HOliday

    Source and Full Article.:- August 15 is not a national holiday? - The Times of India
  8. rajwansh2003

    Need Tablet !!!

    Hi all, I need to buy Tablet of approx Rs. 20,000. Should i buy now or wait for 1-2 month as multiple reasons. Google Nexus is coming, August there will be big discounts in Future Group Stores and reliance store
  9. 101gamzer

    Sniper:Ghost Warrior 2 PC

    Sniper:Ghost Warrior 2 PC coming this really soon this august 21 DELAYED Until October:shock: Developer City Interactive Publisher City Interactive Distributor EU Namco Bandai Games[1] Engine CryEngine 3 Genre FPS Release-date August 21 ,2012 When we here sniper we first...
  10. Ethan_Hunt

    Borderlands 2

    We all knew this would be inevitable and lo-behold we know that Gearbox now has a sequel in the making, which would be revealed at PAX. More details? Read on: 2K Games and Gearbox Software Announce Borderlands™ 2 in Development Source: Official Borderlands 2 Website First Art-work:
  11. iMav

    Virtualization 101 : Webcast series in August

    Microsoft India has Scheduled a webcast series in august on Virtualization by Shantanu, Microsoft MVP. The webcast is intended for those IT pros and other users who are dealing with or want to deal with Virtualization. Virtualization is a self pacing and rapidly developing scenario, Register for...
  12. Kiran.dks

    Finally... joining digit family

    Hi Digitians, It has been long time since my last visit here. Things have chaged a lot here. Many new faces and hence many may not know me. Some may recall that I was out of this form after marriage in August 2008. After a long break, it's time to join with all of you. My marriage took place...
  13. Pearl Groupz

    Unable to Recive Google Adsense Pin .. Why ??

    Mine Account: Total Earnings $42.00 Why I am unable to Recive the Pin, I generated pin On : 8 August, Sep 13, 2008now what to do??
  14. Shloeb

    Release Dates of upcoming highly anticipated PC Games

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky August 29, 2008 Mercenaries 2: World in Flames August 31, 2008 Spore September 7,2008 Crysis Warhead September 16, 2008 Witcher: Enhanced Edition September 16, 2008 Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway September 23, 2008 Far Cry 2 October 1, 2008 Project Origin...
  15. Vijay-IN

    Cheapest Domains in India | Independence Day Sale | .com/.net/.org/.biz = Rs 299

    Cheapest Domains in India | **Offer Extended** | .com/.net/.org/.biz = Rs 299 Hello Friends! August is over now. Guess what? :D We are happy to extend this offer due to your lively responses. :D You can still use our proud TRICOLOUR coupon to get the special prices. >>> Check Your...
  16. A

    iPhone 3G - India Launch on August 22nd?

    According to this article, 22 more countries will get iphone 3G in August.. I am pretty sure India is one of them....
  17. iMav

    Windows Vista webcasts by Shantanu

    From a machine with free version of Server 2008 installed and wearing a free RBK jacket, our moderator-member Shantanu Kaushik will be delivering multiple Webcasts on Windows Vista. The topics that are going to be covered include: Windows Vista: Installation and Getting Started - 04 August...
  18. A

    Adsense Referrals to be cancelled by August 2008

    Sad to see the adsense referral program to be canceled in 60 days from now. If you didnt receive the google email with the advise, here it is For the official inks, visit: Referrals Retirement * It's really a sad move by...
  19. amrawtanshx

    Wait till August...Mercenaries 2 ....For PC too...

    This EA game WILL blow you apart. Coming this August for PC too ..... It will also feature on PS2 ,PS3 & XBOX 360 Built from the ground up, this next-gen sequel to Mercenaries features a host of new features, vehicles, and weapons. Look at his Hairdo ....Cool. fOR MORE...
  20. Raaabo

    [By Demand] August 2008

    Might as well start early... I'll close the July one when we're done with DVD contents! Thanks
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