Need Tablet !!!


Hi all,

I need to buy Tablet of approx Rs. 20,000. Should i buy now or wait for 1-2 month as multiple reasons. Google Nexus is coming, August there will be big discounts in Future Group Stores and reliance store


Cyborg Agent
I think you can go For Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 19k.. this could be the best deal in your budget..

yeah you can also w8.. Samsung would be launching 2 more tabs..


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Will Fit You.....Go For It...I am Also Going To Buy This Tablet In October....Its Apps Will Cross your Mind....Its Preloaded Apps Is Very Good...Go For it


In the zone
Google Nexus 7 is expected to launch around October in India :p

and also if you want to wait there are many rumours of iPad mini as well but still u have to wait till October for it

If u want to buy it now u can go for Galaxy Tab2 :) ...good buy in your budget :)


soon google.will lauch 10inch version of nexus tablet wihin 20k
so wait for bettrr...
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