1. Kalyan

    Help!! problem with 'The Witcher'

    Hi all... I installed The Witcher yesterday and I donot understand how to attack. In the tutorial, it was said to left click on the opponent. when I place the cursor, it changes to a sword and when I left click, the character doesnt do anything. I have to press and hold the left click...
  2. ax3

    Clipboards hijacked in web attack

    Computer security firms are warning about an attack that hijacks the clipboard where copied text is stored. The attack puts a hard-to-delete weblink into the clipboard that, if followed, leads people to a website selling fake security software. The code that inserts the link has been found in...
  3. Who

    Bomb blasts in Ahmedabad

    Yup its ahmedabad now , looks like all out terorr attack on india , watch the news for more info.
  4. P

    Give Us The Anniversarry Issue

    :!::xDamn man . its soo late. i think they will give it to us next month. :D Somebody pls. attack their base and steal it. I paid for my subscription. :((:mad:
  5. R

    Brute Force Attack

    does anybody know what is "Brute Force Attack" it was asked during paper presentation on Firewall May be the term is related with some mechanisms used by viruses to break through firewall
  6. praka123

    Tiger Attack, not for the faint of heart It is really horrible to see the guy experiencing the attack :-|
  7. soumya

    New attack code crashes Windows XP & Vista

    Security researchers have released attack code that will crash Windows XP and Vista PCs that are susceptible to a recently patched bug in the operating system. The code was released yesterday to security professionals who use Immunity's Canvas computer security testing software. It causes...
  8. R

    DCOM Exploit attack??? Pls help

    Hello everyone, im really new to this forum.. my computer is installed with antivirus "avast"(I have to say- the performance is really good). But for the past 2 weeks i hav been getting an alert from the resident scanner which says: Network shield blocked : DCOM Exploit attack from...
  9. Gigacore

    Mess made by WTC after its collapse!

    I found this interesting... 2 * 110 story building made a mess after its collapse which took 3+ Months to clean! I found a image which was taken from space, just a day after the collapse. Its 3154 x 2952 pixels and 3.6 MB with a spectacular detail of its mess and the destruction.. View...
  10. ayush_chh

    Deadly computer worm on the prowl

    NEW DELHI: A potentially dangerous computer worm called Storm has been silently infecting computers in India, creating a pathway into the system which can be exploited, either to steal data or flood your e-mail account with spams. Having enticing subjects lines, the spam mails containing the...
  11. Asfaq

    [By Demand] Digit November 2007

  12. H

    Firewall High Severity attack messages

    From the past few days, my firewall Norton internet security keeps on sending warnings of High Severity attacks originating from an IP address, an external one, this pc is not connected through an office lan or intranet nor is this behind a proxy. the name of this threat, the firewall gives is...
  13. ketanbodas

    Help -No updating after spyware attack.

    Please help me. After one Spyware attack, I scanned my PC with Ad-Aware and Spybot and Avast and Defender also. This removed infections. But now I am unable to run Windows Update. I get some error OX80072EFD or something like that when I go to that site. I use original Windows Vista Home Premium.
  14. M

    help!"My Documents"pop up immediately after boot

    pls help me if it a virus attack of somekind ao anything else.i dont know.:confused: my anti virus dont show any virus attack. also my startup dont show any illegal process.
  15. morpheusv6

    China preps for cyberwarfare

    source: An annual report on China’s military capabilities reveals that the country is eying cyberweapons, network attacks and other plans to wage information warfare. The report from the Department of Defense outlines China’s overall...
  16. sourishzzz1234

    Avast or a firewall

    Hi guys just 1 week back i completely reinstalled my system.... Now it has Windows XP SP2 loaded in it..... I tried various firewalls but only ZoneAlarm was upto the mark.... I tried comodo, ashampoo, PC tool but all of them detected only 3 - 4 major threats in an hour..... all this i have...
  17. Manshahia

    A virus attack??

    Guys i m using Avast(fully updated). While i m browsing internet it is constanly showing this window. Is this a virus attack??
  18. Apollo

    Hackers attack heart of the net

    [B] Source
  19. 144

    Never Winter Nights 2 - Kb Shortcuts

    Hi, I need the keyboard shortcuts for commands in NWN2 - Also my characters attack the enemies when I want them to stick by me and attack according to my commands. I tried broadcasting "follow me"... but its no use. This is my first time playing NWNs. I am becoming quite impatient abt it...
  20. anandk

    Google Flaw #2: Almost Complete Takeover Of Google Services

    today's Google flaw seems to be much worse. The following is a short list of some of the things you can do upon a successful attack. Get in to Google Docs and Spreadsheets application and read and modify documents saved there. Read subjects from GMail, including part of the first sentence...
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