Google Flaw #2: Almost Complete Takeover Of Google Services

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today's Google flaw seems to be much worse. The following is a short list of some of the things you can do upon a successful attack.

Get in to Google Docs and Spreadsheets application and read and modify documents saved there.
Read subjects from GMail, including part of the first sentence.
Access the personalized homepage.
View Google Accounts page.
Enter Google Reader.
Read your private Google Notebook.
View my complete Google search history if search history feature is enabled.

To execute the attack, the victim needs to be logged in to a Google service, and visit a specially crafted page. The page in question is on a Google sub domain, so it does look legitimate. A proof of concept page was set up to verify the claims, and successfully tested on a user of the Google services in question.

A temp fix for the issue is to simply log out of all Google services...:twisted:

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