1. Kiran.dks

    WARNING: And now a "AlQaeda" online attack!!!

    US warns of online al Qaeda attack The US government has put out an alert over a possible online attack by al Qaeda. The warnings were circulated to private financial institutions about a possible attack that is designed to wipe out their databases. They follow a call from the group...
  2. JGuru

    Microsoft Confirms New Word Zero-Day Attack!!!

    There's another Microsoft Word zero-day attack under way!!. Microsoft on Sept. 5 confirmed that malicious attackers are exploiting a new, undocumented flaw in Word 2000 to load back-door Trojans on Windows machines. The acknowledgment follows a warning from anti-virus vendor Symantec that...
  3. N

    I felt in a trap of Phishing Attack,am i?

    This is the link which i got by one of my friend and after logging on to it my password got hacked .... what to do ? how to recover this was my 6 years old id - please help.... Was is a phishing attack?
  4. Josan

    Golden Temple Can Be Attacked?-Lashkere toeba

    Golden Temple Can Be Attacked?-Lashkar-e-Taiba Lashkar e Taiba wants to attack Golden temple Amritsar- lashkar through a letter to SGPC anounced that he is going to attack Golden Temple Amritsar , And i just...
  5. M

    Is it the end of my pc

    Hi guys there is a problem with xp.Whenever i start my pc the xp starting screen appears but the log in screen turns blank and my pc these a viral attack will i lose all my data?pls reply soon i am quite depressed:-(
  6. deep_eck


    I am using Winxpsp2 fully audated edition, i used to update Pc time to time.i am using Mcaffee Antivirus and Firewall. .......The problem day i was playing Yahoo pool and suddenly my pc freezed, and internet connection terminated, after 10 min. it recovered from attack. Thn i turned...
  7. Mohnishgs

    Everything about telnet.

    Can someone tell me everything about telnet. I know that its used to carry out DDoS attack. Please email me at
  8. Mohnishgs

    Every thing about telnet?

    Can someone tell me everything about telnet. I know that its used to carry out DDoS attack. Please email me at
  9. romeo_8693

    kaspersky blues????

    i had kasperky anti virus i have installed norton 2006.all my files seem to have an extention like .mp3:KAVICHS,.jpg:KAVICHS. is this bcos of kaspersky(i dint uninstall it since i ahd to format my c: due to virus attack as posted in a topic before this).if yes,how can i get rid of...
  10. L

    what do mean by denial-of-service attack attack???

    what do mean by denial-of-service attack attack??? :?:
  11. M


    Hi I have k700i .The problem occured is that few days ago when my cousin brother was mingling with cell he messed up somethings and since then the last few wallpapers like water ripples,winter etc have been replaced by a cartoon figure with red shirt with different facial expression for diff...
  12. J

    Conquer, Steal and Explore For Real Money

    If you all are still not aware of WealthWars here is an Introduction. It is an online game in which each member has a base camp and all members search for money in the map and can also attack other member's camp to steal their money. One can also find bonuses like PS3 and iPod. Good Game...
  13. tweety_bird_bunny

    attack from lovesan????

    i have kapersky antivirus installed...and everytime i connect to internet a message appears that attack from lovesan has been also shows some weird ip address.....what should i do to fix it properly??is lovesan a virus or trojan ??what ??
  14. M

    network attack

    what should i do now?????
  15. C


    i love aoe i dont kno how much time i must have spent on this game .. i played the first one 8 yrs back and then got hooked onto AOE ON LAN is good for campagins ... dude acc to me AOE is actually fun only in multiplayer .. u can play on a 56k cconn in gamespy .. i used to paly with...
  16. S

    what is LSASS Exploit [SXP] attack.

    I got a message that LSASS Exploit [SXP] attack from but somehow my Avast Antivirus Blocked that Attack
  17. anomit

    TCP/IP attack: read to protect

    Hey, i wont claim any originality for this article. It is ripped off from an article provided on Simple Active Attack Against TCP Laurent Joncheray Merit Network, Inc. 4251 Plymouth...
  18. C

    Funny Problem with HL2

    Helo ppl, I have this funny problem with half life 2, most of the times, the AI is frozen still, they do not respond at all, its like i can kill them all very easily, they dont attack,,, its asif the whole game is in a standstill, anybody know what the problem is??? ---Anirudh Rulez
  19. firewall

    Apache <= 2.0.52 HTTP GET Remote Denial of Service Exploit

    /* Apache Squ1rt, Denial of Service Proof of Concept Tested on Apache 2.0.52 j0hnylightning gmail .om dguido gmail com Sends a request that starts with: GET / HTTP/1.0\n 8000 spaces \n 8000 spaces \n 8000 spaces \n ... 8000 times Apache never kills it. Takes up huge amounts of...
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