DCOM Exploit attack??? Pls help

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Hello everyone, im really new to this forum..

my computer is installed with antivirus "avast"(I have to say- the performance is really good). But
for the past 2 weeks i hav been getting an alert from the resident scanner which says:
Network shield blocked : DCOM Exploit attack from
something like that.
sometimes it will be once or twice for a day but sometimes the warning comes every 10 minutes or so...

(Also thers some problem with my IE also i think i should post a new thread for that)

Actually this computer is used by my parents, i ll not be in my home after 3 days. so pls help me cure this prob before it gets any worse.
if someone can help me before i can leave my home, it will be very grateful.


ya this happens with dial up connections in Avast !!

but dont worry theres no attack what so ever it is just a bug in network shield.

do program update by

right click avast icon
-> updating
-> program update

Just to stay secure install Spybot S&D plus some firewall
I would suggest Comodo (user friendly for ur parents)
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