A virus attack??

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Guys i m using Avast(fully updated).
While i m browsing internet it is constanly showing this window.


Is this a virus attack??


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r'nt u guys using sp2 ?!?

anyway download and use DCOMbobulator.

more info about the issue and download at *www.grc.com/freeware/dcom.htm


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Its due to the RPC/DCOM exploit, which is a vulnerability that allows an attacker to gain access to the destination machine by sending a malformed packet to the DCOM service. It uses the RPC TCP port 135..

You can disables the pop-up in avast but still having the protection :)

It's Avast Network Shield's notification . It protects the computer from the attacks of Internet worms (e.g. Blaster, Sasser, etc.). It will show warning messages in the system area (above the system clock) every time it detects an Internet worm attack. There is a logging feature too: all attacks will be recorded into a log file so that you can inspect their history, frequency, etc. The llast detected attacks will be displayed on the Last attacks page
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