1. ratul

    India loses one more of her treasured gem : Abdul Kalam died of a massive heart attack

    Can't find any words to describe, just that you'd always be in our hearts, forever, inspiration to the millions and generations to follow. RIP Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. :(:cryeyesout:
  2. Flash

    Ebay is hacked!!

    More on: EBay says client information stolen in hacking attack
  3. suarezian

    Need a gaming headphone

    Hi. I ne3d a gaming headphone. My budget is 1.8k and I need one with good bass and a mic. I've shortlisted the Logitech G130, Ozone Attack and Plantronics Gamecom 367. Which should I buy?
  4. Desmond

    Researchers successfully hack a computer using sound of the CPU.

    Source : Acoustic cryptanalysis
  5. CommanderShawnzer

    Suicide attack on Pakistani church kills 75 people

    Suicide attack on Pakistani church kills 75 people | They seriously think Americans give two ****'s about Christians dying somewhere? btw most people in America are Agnostics and Atheists so they dont care anyway,Taliban's knowledge is well outdated
  6. rohitshubham

    Ping Flooding attacks

    hey, for the past few days i have been seeing ping flooding attacks on my router. i have D-link DIR600 router which i have been using with my ADSL modem for BSNL broadband. when i see the log of the router i see many messages of the type. "PING-FLOODING flooding attack from WAN...
  7. theserpent

    Is your net slow presently? Blame the worlds biggest DDoS attack

    World's biggest DDoS attack blamed for slowing down global Internet speeds - Internet | ThinkDigit News and i though airtel is trolling me
  8. Hrishi

    Twitter hacked, data of 250,000 users exposed.!!!!!!!!!!

    Bad news for twitter users. Source : TOI. TOI. I hope , FB isn't next target.
  9. amjath

    Help finding Ozone Attack Snow headset

    Hi, Help me finding this Attack Snow [snow - white model] on any reliable source in India. I could not find it on flipkart. I ordered it on then the product is cancelled due to no stock so please help.
  10. debarshi

    Denial of service attack

    From some days I am getting denial of service or DoS attacks from every site I visit. This has started after buying my new asus router. It is a dynamic ip connection. And i do have dos protection enabled. It is causing me a lot of trouble. My browser is also suffering from frequent disconnection...
  11. Desmond

    Wikileaks is down after massive DDoS attack by "Anti-leak" hacker group.

    Source Anonymous had this to say in response : Source Let the Cyber-wars begin.
  12. W

    Finally Google Chrome sandbox protection cracked

    Google Chrome's winning streak fades at annual hacking contest
  13. Ayuclack

    New Mouse, Mousepad and Headset

    Need A new mouse with programable buttons for fps games so i decided the logitech g300 Also for pad ozone ground level s For headset ozone attack snow Is this ok my budget is around 3.5 k
  14. thetechfreak

    [REVIEW] Oil Rush- A Real Time Strategy Game

    So, what exactly is the story of the game? The game is set in "post-apocalyptic" Earth after the so called Ultimate weapon has been used. The weapon looked more like a Nuclear explosion to me. Earth as the old guy talking to us puts it, is no longer same. There has been massive loss of...
  15. N

    Suicide attack kills six at Afghanistan airport: Police

    A suicide attack killed at least six people on Thursday at Kandahar international airport in southern Afghanistan, one of the deadliest flashpoints in a 10-year war, police said. "Six civilians were killed in a suicide attack close to the gates of Kanadahar airport today," said Kandahar...
  16. dashing.sujay

    Virus attack?

    I'm facing this sometimes- I scanned my computer and lappi with fully updated ESET, and no viruses are there. What could it be? Though there are more lappis connected through wifi, its saying attack is from, so I didn't check others. But I don't think there would be...
  17. Tejas.Gupta

    Anil Ambani's email ID hacked

    SOURCE-Times Of India
  18. mohityadavx

    Can't Remember Game Name

    Hi! I had played a game some time back ( though i am not sure whether it was recently launched or an old game. It was a strategy like COD type. Where u had to operate two more soldier apart than yourself, make formation etc and then attack. I would be really grateful if someone can tell me the...
  19. newway01

    Logitech or Similar Gaming Wheel

    Hi, anyone selling a Logitech Gaming wheel? Preferred models - Logitech Momo Racing Force, Driving Force GT Also looking for Logitech Wingman Attack 3 or Attack 2 joystick.
  20. paroh

    Foot Soldiers for Wikileaks: 27,000 Download Attack Software Overnight

    [source] [source] source
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