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  1. D

    how to assign a mp3 song as ringtone in Nokia Lumia 610?

    how to assign a mp3 song as ringtone in Nokia Lumia 610?
  2. R

    Initial hdd query

    Just Got a new 2tb HDD.Installed it alongside My existing HDD, but the computer doesnt show it? How do I partiton and what types should I assign ( logical ? primary ? etc ) I need to install games.Can i do it on Windows Drive or Seperately ?
  3. speedyguy

    xhtml help

    i need to write an xhtml code with a paragraph where i need to assign colors based on their words. for example, all prepositions with color red. how do i do that? now what i know is, i can use css to assign colors, or use javascript to pass events. but how do i put up an if for a particular...
  4. B

    How to assign default image to user?

    I am doing a website using Asp.net(c#) My requirement is . when the user registers,a default image should be assigned to him in the database which can be changed later. suppose this default image is stored within a folder named image and the table name is user_reg & the column name is...
  5. iinfi

    assign multiple groups to a folder :(

    hi all is it possible to assign multiple groups to a folder? eg i have a folder /shared i want the folder to be accessible by users from groups g1,g2,g3. i can add a user to multiple groups but cannot assign a file/folder to multiple groups.
  6. A

    I need a good theme for xbuntu

    Hi all, I am not satisfief with my xbuntu look.......can anyone assign me a good desktop theme for the same. THANKS
  7. A

    Best book for linux

    Hi all, Someone please assign me a good book for linux?
  8. sourav123

    Google Now Available Over IPV6

    Google search is now available over IPv6 at ipv6.google.com (you'll need an IPv6 connection to view it). While IPv4 provides about four billion IP addresses — not enough to assign one to every one of Earth's more than six billion inhabitants — IPv6 provides enough address space to assign almost...
  9. NucleusKore

    Vodafone Karnataka Blacklist

    Hi I have made a blacklist of Vodafone Karnataka numbers from which annoying automated advertising calls are made. To avoid getting calls from these numbers you must activate NDNC by calling customer care, but it takes 45 days to get activated. There have been instances of it taking longer :D In...
  10. A

    Does not assign a drive letter For Hard Disk

    I just recently bought a new Hitachi 2.5 HDD with casing. When I plug it into my computer running Winxp Home it Identifies that a USB Mass Storage is there but does not assign a drive letter so i cant do anything . How to use this hard disk. I also tried with Win 98 but it does not assign a...
  11. Faun

    URGENT: Can I assing to my PC ?

    Its a network address but can i use it as a host address, in other words can i assign to my PC. If yes then whats the advantage ?
  12. Third Eye

    Keyboard LaunchPad 1.6 released

    Its home page is http://www.stardock.com/products/klp.
  13. amitava82

    weird network problem in ubuntu

    I have this strange problem. first I'll give the facts then the problem. my college wifi network assign ip address using DHCP. DHCP assigned ips are in rage of to proxy server is for some weird reason DHCP assigned IP addresses are blocked for net. only...
  14. R

    a mobile with various options of ringtone ??

    I want to know on which kind of mobile I can record any type of voice ( say I record one announcement from TV ) and set it as a ringtone ? and can we assign something like if an incoming number starts with 9122 then I can assign it to mumbai , 9133 to kolkata like that ?/ I am going to...
  15. vikasg03

    Can we assign D drive first to Hard Disk

    Hy, Is it possible to assign D drive for hard disk without giving C drive first Means I format my Hard Disk and want to create single partion naming D drive (means i want to assign D to my first partion)so there is only D drive in disk no c drive in hard disk . Finally when i open my PC it...
  16. N

    cn u hlp plz

    cn u hlp me to programme ths in c " 1 accept a matrix n*n 2 consider each row take he min element in that row and sub with other elements in that row(if each row and colum has has 1 zero then assign a job) 3 then consider each col take the min elemnt in the columnand sub with all other...
  17. T

    how can i assign flashget with firefox browser?

    mozilla firefox browser really a very very fast browser. but if i click a right mouse button at a file, there doesn't show any option for downloading with flashget appears. how can i assign flash get and roboform with firefox. inbuilt download manager is irritating.if download breaks,all my...
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