1. M

    Suggest New Laptop Under 27K For Mainly Adobe Products

    Hello, : ) I am looking for a laptop under 27K for everyday programming/Photoshop/Dreamweaver work. I have done my research and I am thinking of going with one of these, though I need other opinions and possibly, better sugestion if any, too... Toshiba Satellite C50D-A 40010 Laptop (APU...
  2. G

    Planning to buy a new laptop around 40k(Need help)

    Hey guyz im new to this forum and i also want to purchase a new laptop this month,I live in Kolkata... I have a few questions so please help me choose the best one :D Questionnaire for laptop/notebook purchase: 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD)- 30k-40k 2)What size & weight...
  3. U

    AMD's new Kaveri APU or Intel's basic CPU + GPU

    Hi Friends As we know AMD has already rolled out its Kaveri APUs (A10-7850K, A10-7700). Is it worth to buy a Kaveri APU or better to buy a low-end Intel CPU and add a dedicated GPU to it ? Please share your comments.
  4. Cilus

    AMD Kaveri review

    After a long wait, AMD Kaveri is here. Check out the review guys:- AMD A8-7600 Kaveri APU review - Introduction AnandTech Portal | AMD Kaveri Review: A8-7600 and A10-7850K Tested AMD A8-7600 Kaveri APU Review - HSA Arrives | PC Perspective AMD A8-7600 (Kaveri) Review - Cinebench and WPrime...
  5. sdk

    AMD Kaveri vs. Currently Possible Configurations

    Before posting in here I was just about to fill the questionnaire for PC Configurations sub-forum to have a word of advice for my new system,but, I would like to tell you that I am extremely "In a state of shock and disbelief" after I came to know the expected 200$ price tag and anticipated...
  6. D

    Intel i3 or APU Quad core A10

    Hi Guys, I have to buy one laptop which will be used for light gaming and movies but confused between these two: HP Pavilion 15-e038TX (i3) HP Pavilion 15-e026AX (APU A10) Both have dedicated graphics but I have heard i3 has limitations which does not allow the GPU to perform to its...
  7. B

    Samsung NP355E5x [Honest Review, OC] (AMD APU Vision E1 1.4Ghz, AMD 7310, 2GB DDR3, 500GB)

    Hello everyone! I wanted a simple laptop for office work and Internet so I checked a few on Flipkart and saw this baby- Samsung NP355E5X-A02IN(APU Dual Core/ 2GB/ 500GB/ DOS) Laptop - Samsung: Flipkart.com Soon I popped to Lamington Road to get a feel of what the thing was. Luckily a Seller...
  8. I

    build new pc - budget 35k

    hello everyone, i have browsed the forum for solution related to my query. i've found lot's of helpful info. kindly go through my questionnaire and guide me further. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or...
  9. harshilsharma63

    A10 6800k overclocked to 8 GHz!!!

    The cpu-z validator: CPU-Z Validator 3.1 Source: The Stilt`s CPU Frequency score: 8203 mhz with a A10-6800K and AMD A10-6800K APU Overclocked to Record Breaking 8.2GHz
  10. K

    AMD APU Vs Traditional CPU+GPU combination : which should I go for?

    Hello folks. I am planning to built a PC. For this first I have to decide on CPU. And here I got confused when I encountered AMD APU. Which should I go for considering my following needs. : 1. Want to use a 21 inch 1080p monitor. 2. Want to watch full HD movies. 3. Want to play Diablo...
  11. Gollum

    AMD APU Buyers Beware!

    If you plan on buying a new CPU from the APU series of AMD. You will definitely need an extra cooler as the stock cooler is not capable enough of cooling down the system. I learned this the hard way when I discovered the size of the stock cooler that came with the processor. Build quality of the...
  12. kg11sgbg

    AMD to launch (Temash + Kabini + Richland ) APU's for low powered devices.

    At last Hope for many of us.:razz: In the coming months, i). Tablets based on "Temash" based APU's ii). Ultra-portable/Laptops based on "Kabini" based APU's iii). and Performing Laptops/Desktops based on "Richland" based APU's are going to see the light of the day. Just to see what price...
  13. zapout

    cpu+mobo+ram buying advice

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: watching Hd movies, encoding-handbrake, games-bioshock...
  14. a-raam

    Help rgdng AMD a10-5800k crossfire

    How do i crossfire an amd a10-5800k apu?? does it require a special motherboard?? and i have heard you cant crossfire an apu with anything higher than an hd 6670. this true?
  15. cacklebolt

    Amd a10 apu??

    Where do i find an AMD A10 APU for desktop???cant find it anywhere online...where do i find it??
  16. S

    APU Quad Core A8 or 3rd Gen Ci5

    Which one is best for Gaming as well as Programming purpose????? HP Pavilion G6-2016TX Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win7 HB/ 1GB Graph(ATI Mobility Radeon 7670M HD)) HP Pavilion G6-2010AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 6GB/ 1TB/ DOS/ 1.5GB Graph(1 GB AMD Radeon HD 7670M Dedicated + 512 MB...
  17. S

    laptop purchase????

    i am going to buy a laptop after going through lots of research i come across these three models under my budge 1.hp pavillion g6-2005ax HP Pavilion G6-2005AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win7 HB/ 1.5GB Graph): Flipkart.com: Compare, Review HP Notebook 2. acer aspire v3 551g...
  18. kg11sgbg

    Compatible GPU with AMD A10 5700 APU

    Forum Friends,what AMD GPU(particularly from the HD Radeon 7xxx series) will be compatible with socket FM2 AMD A10 APU and the corresponding motherboard? Please mention the series and GPU model in particular.
  19. cacklebolt

    Intel i3 vs AMD A8/A10 APU

    I was planing on a budget pc upgrade with primary requiremnts gaming and movies. |GAMES:FIFA 13,PES 13,Dirt 3,GTA 4,COD,Crysis,Assasins creed,NFS,Just Cause 2,Max Payne 3 and many more. Common Components(Generic) 4 gb RAM 500 gb hdd gpu amd radeon hd 6770 / hd 7770 / hd 7750 / hd6670 now my...
  20. dharmil007

    i5/i3 vs AMD APU {Laptop Processors}

    i m going to recently buy an laptop. i'VE found various models with different processors. But i just dont know which one is better then others. which one do i go i5/i3 with INTEL HD 3000/4000 or AMD APU with dedicated Graphics i Want better battery life & weight should be...
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