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  1. pratyush997

    Apple offers to pay Google $1 per device

    Apple offers to pay Google $1 per device
  2. Desmond

    Steve Wozniak believes that Microsoft now more innovative than Apple, worried.

    Source PS: I have not seen the video since I am downloading something. Will see later.
  3. K

    How to get FM Radio on Apple Devices ?

    Does anyone know of a APP or any other way to get FM Radio working on Apple Devices iPhone & iPad ?
  4. theserpent

    Mega Facepalm:Apple New patent

    Patent System Fail: All your Rectangle with Rounded Corners are Belong to Apple – xda-developers
  5. axes2t2

    Apple suing Amazon over term "Appstore" claiming "app store" is an Apple trademark

    In App Store vs. Appstore court clash, Apple runs into a skeptical judge | Ars Technica #applesucks
  6. ashintomson

    Apple lose iPhone name in Mexico, revise statement in UK

    Apple lose :-D iPhone name in Mexico, revise statement in UK Apple's courtroom troubles cast gloomy shadow on a day that should've been remembered for the launch of the iPad mini. Apple fought in court against Mexican telecom iFone over similarly sounding names. Arrogance or ignorance...
  7. M

    Apple executive shakeup: Scott Forstall and John Browett are leaving the company

    Huge news out of Apple today, as its senior vice president of iOS software, Scott Forstall, will leave the company next year after putting in some 15 years. Furthermore, John Browett -- head of Apple retail -- is also on his way out. Apple executive shakeup: Scott Forstall and John...
  8. T

    Apple Mac App Store in Indian Rupees

    Source w Well ! I was surprised to see the Mac App Store in Indian Rupees pricing !! :) This will bring the Mac App Piracy down..... :grin:
  9. N

    iPad Mini is mighty powerful?

    It only takes a few minutes playing with the iPad Mini —which starts at $329— to realize the scaled-down tablet computer will be a hit with longtime Apple disciples and potential converts who've been looking for a more affordable entree into the mobile computing market. The iPad Mini is...
  10. B

    Apple 3rd quarter profits miss expectations and Samsung report record profit!!

    Apple's quarterly profits are lower than analysts' expectations, with iPad sales slowing ahead of the launch of a smaller version whereas Samsung Electronics has reported record profit in the three months to September, led by strong sales of its Galaxy range of smartphones. is this the...
  11. K

    Need a high-performance laptop

    Hi all, I am looking for a high performance laptop, for the purpose of large-scale computing, parallel programming and virtualization. Spec requirements are as follows: Processor: i7 high-end-more than 2GHz with hyperthreaded quad-cores, (better one or equivalent AMD/Intel appreciated :wink:)...
  12. ashintomson

    Apple loses appeal in UK court

    Apple loses appeal in UK court, will have to run adverts saying Samsung didn’t copy the iPad Earlier this year the High Court in London ruled in favor of Samsung and dismissed the Apple’s claims the Galaxy Tabs copied the iPad’s design. The judge went even further ordering Apple to...
  13. S

    Tablet to get from US. Under $250.

    One of my friend is coming from US this month end. I wanted to buy Nexus 7 as it is a good deal for $200. But the lack of connectivity(Mobile Networks) is making me rethink. Any better suggestions in this budget ? This is going to be my 1st tablet. Should i wait for Apple to release any iPad...
  14. abhijit_reddevil

    Iphone 4/4S prices slashed in India

    Iphone 4 8GB now at Rs.26500 Iphone 4S 16GB now at Rs.38500 Iphone 3GS will be out of production in India. Also... Apple is expected to launch iPhone 5, the fastest selling smartphone ever, in India on October 26. It was earlier reported that the 16GB variant of iPhone 5 will cost around...
  15. ssdivisiongermany1933

    iPad mini Pricing Appears On German Retailer's Internal Listing

    Available in 8 GB through 64 GB, priced from Rs 17,000 to Rs 44,300; Apple remains tightlipped. While Apple is yet to officially confirm the existence of the iPad mini, we have one more rumour to add to the list of the ones we have already carried before. The device's pricing details have...
  16. B

    Nikon D3200 or any Apple product??

    Guys....need ur help !!!..I am in dilemma about my Christmas gift. I want to buy DSLR camera,which in my opinion would be Nikon D3200 beacuse I love Photography but at the same time I never had an Apple Product yet......so I was thinking of purchasing Apple Ipod Touch 5th generation or any Apple...
  17. comp@ddict

    Apple iPhone 5 Buying Guide

    Phone 5 Buying Guide: Buy the Apple iPhone 5 for the lowest price in India. The Apple iPhone 5 is out and selling like hot cakes (lava cakes to be precise). The iPhone 5 being the fastest, lightest and slimmest as well as the largest (display size) iPhone ever took a place in all iFans as...
  18. A

    Tablet under 35k

    I want to buy a tablet within 35k.My options are apple ipad 2 & ipad 3 , sony s tablet , motorola xoom , lenovo tab, samsung galaxy tab , samsung galaxy note 800 , samsung tablet and Lg optimus tab . plzz suggest me a good one and tell me if you know a good tablet within this...
  19. 101gamzer

    Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs

  20. T

    Apple CEO's apologies for iOS 6 Maps App

    Apple CEO Tim Cook made a public apology for the new Maps App in iOS6. Since the map has been built from ground up, it will take a while to integrate all the features and commitment to its customers. Read more
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