Tablet to get from US. Under $250.

One of my friend is coming from US this month end. I wanted to buy Nexus 7 as it is a good deal for $200.
But the lack of connectivity(Mobile Networks) is making me rethink.

Any better suggestions in this budget ?
This is going to be my 1st tablet. Should i wait for Apple to release any iPad Mini ?
I never had a iOS exposure. I have the raw google experience (Google Nexus S :mrgreen:).
So Any better deals in this budget from apple ?

And regarding Nexus 7,
Is it possible to use USB port and USB modem in these ?
Any custom roms permitting it ?
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You can go for Nexus 7. It's worth it.

You can use USB port for Pen Drives as well as USB Modem Dongles. You need to root and install StickMount for USB drives and PPP Widget to use USB Dongles. Cheers!


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october 29th-it releases-out for sales maybe november 3rd or 4th
BTW ask your friend to go to this local Stapels, they're around 3-4 people who already bought the 32 gigs, there might be more people but they might not all these things that 32 gigs is not yet out
But the spec wise Nexus 7 32 GB with 3G makes more sense, ryt @ $299 when compared to Nexus 10 16 GB with no 3G at $399 ?
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