Apple loses appeal in UK court


Apple loses appeal in UK court, will have to run adverts saying Samsung didn’t copy the iPad

Earlier this year the High Court in London ruled in favor of Samsung and dismissed the Apple’s claims the Galaxy Tabs copied the iPad’s design. The judge went even further ordering Apple to advertise the court’s decision for a month in various websites.

As expected Apple appealed the court’s decision, but today the Cupertino-based company lost there, too.

The appeal court once again dismissed Apple’s claims and ordered the US company to run the ads and compensate Samsung for the bad publicity.

Apple might decide to appeal in front of the UK Supreme Court, but somehow I really doubt the effort will be worth it.

If you want to know more about the first case, the ruling and the appeal, just hit the source link below.


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Troll Judge :D, If i was the judge, i would charge apple of copying the notification bar :D for maybe 2 billion
Some green balls in Samsung court finally....Apple should also stop claiming on their competitors otherwise this patient war will continue one after one and these gigantic electronics monsters will keep suing each others. Similar to HTC like they filled a case couple of month ago against Apple in Japan and fortunately won.
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