5k Basic Android Tab


i am looking for 2 basic android tablets for 5-6k i have so far used a nexus 7 and in the future will go for a nvidia tab(by december)

for now i am looking for 1 or 2 basic android tablets for helping with my Desktop i will basically keep em on my desk side by side and use apps like airdisplay,roccat power grid,remote desktop etc

i will use these tabs as small dual monitors with air display

Remote control for my pc using power grid

pc game streaming using splashtop

what i Need

1)Good wifi----- i will use air display to use this tablets as wireless multi monitors for keeping track of downloads,etc

2)A good stand----these Tablets Will Stay on my desk for 80% of the part so a good tablet stand,dock will be nice

3)Sturdy screen,Screenguard---i will use roccat power-grid to help during gameplay,hope the screen survives hard hits.

4)Decent brightness---My room has a lot of light so i have to use my tab at almost full brightness.

decent battery,they will remain plugged in for most part

Sad Processor

Less ram

Less Storage

My budget is 5-7k at the max

i want ither 1 or 2 tabs 7k is the Max budget ,i expect it to be rootable
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