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Please help me in selecting an AGP Graphics card


Broken In
I am looking for a graphics card to play POP-Forgotten Sands, etc.
I have Intel i845g board which only supports AGP.
I am having PS of 300W.

Please suggest!!


You will have tough time finding an AGP Card, they are extinct now. In fact they wont even help you a wee bit in gaming. So don't waste your money.

Change your Mother board, processor and Ram to really get the performance you want. Tell us the budget.

If you don't have the budget now then save up then buy later.

Finding a AGP card now is not only a big headache, but not at all VFM and not serve your purpose well


AGP cards are not seen these days.
They are outdated.
You can get a decent Motherboard and Brand new Gpu for playing not only mentioned game but also other recent games also under 8.5K
Gpu - Radeon HD 5570 1 gb
MB - Msi 785gm-e51


In the zone
This is all the stuff you need:

Processor-AMD Athlon II x2 250- Rs 2650
Motherboard-ASUS M4A78LT-M LE Rs 2675
RAM-2GB DDR3 Transcend value RAM-rs 1000
Graphics card-Ati HD4670 Rs 3400

Total Rs 9725

Cheapest I could think of. Will play todays games at okay settings and low resolutions(1024x768), but better than buying an AGP card.

For real future proofing increase your budget to atleast Rs 15000
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