1. mikael_schiffer

    Pentium G4560 on an old H110 motherboard: How to do it?

    Planning to get a Pentium G4560 because of its hyper threading. I want to be able to play games that require 4 cores. I cant afford the full i5 ones so i need the cheapest intel CPU that can play games like WatchDogs2 My motherboard isGigabyte GA-H81M-S LGA 1150 Ultra Durable Motherboard How...
  2. S

    Do i really need a ups

    Hey I live in chandrapur maharashtra And the power outages are about 2/3times a week And i mainly only play games on my pc so if the power goes out no problem for me most games autosave but will it damage my pc? I just cant afford it
  3. RCuber

    Cheap Dev phone?

    Hey guys, this is not a Buying Advice thread, but I was wondering if a dev cannot afford a Nexus device what would be his cheapest phone to work with for developing ROMS and mods. ?? cause sometime I want to experiment with ROMS, but cant afford to do that on my primary device .. this is...
  4. sam9953

    Where can I buy an Xbox/Microsoft Wired Controller for less than 2000?

    Hi there, I searched several websites like Homeshop, infibeam and flipkart and amongst all it seems that flipkart is selling the microsoft controller the cheapest at 2K, but I just cannot afford it. I want to buy it for somewhere 1000 to 1500. Please can anyone tell me where, in Delhi can I buy...
  5. azzu

    [Want to Buy] An IEM (earphones)

    want to buy an Mic'ed IEM send me your offers max i can afford : 2k .. open to all options
  6. Z

    Upgrading machine, need advice

    Hello good guys, I need some help. Follwing is my current system config : Athlon X2 4000+ 2 GB DDR 2 Ram XFX 8600 GTS. iBall Grabit cabinet + 400 W SMPS. Now my current system has issues. It shuts down moments after starting. Well I am fed up and since crysis 2 is on teh corner, its...
  7. crawwww

    Best and Cheapest way to go from mumbai to pune

    Hey guys, please suggest a convenient but cheap way to go from mumbai to rajiv gandhi infotech park in Pune. I can't afford a plane ticket if u r thinking of suggesting one.
  8. H

    Need A New PC... 30K...

    Hi Everyone, Need a PC for 30K for my friend. With everything! 1. Proccy. 2. Mobo. 3. 2GB RAM. 4. GPU. 5. PSU. 6. DVD Writer. 7. Keyboard. 8. Mouse. 9. Speaker. 10. 20" LCD monitor. 11. Cabinet. Budget 30K. I think it would be a bit tough to fit in all in this budget! So he can...
  9. axxo

    What UPS for 22" LCD?

    I currently have a microtek 1KVA ups with the power switch broken today. Its also not working properly to the fluctuations hence I want to go for a new one. Will a 600VA do suffice for a PC & 22" LCD monitor? Also I cant afford to go beyond 3k. Kindly suggest one, its urgent as am going to get...
  10. G

    i need free gprs in nepal

    hello there guys. my only option for fast internet is gprs on mobile. the problem is they charge on per kb basis that comes to Rs.20 per MB. i cant afford this so what i need is some trick to get gprs for free. can u help me. thanks a lot in advance
  11. furious_gamer

    Console!!! gfx!!!!

    Hi friends,,,, By the end of this month i had a increment like stuff and i got about 5.5k... So i decided to spend it for gaming.. Here in my signature is my spec.. I read so many threads abt ps2 and gfx cards though i didnt take any wise decisions yet.. SO i need ur help...
  12. anarchy0x

    best dx 10 card for AGP

    I have heard that there are DX 10 cards now introduced for AGP too. I wanted to know which is the best dx 10 card I can get for AGP ? & please don't tell me to buy a whole new system as i can't afford it now
  13. N

    Fs:xfx 7900gt

    Selling my 1 year old XFX 7900gt with original box for 7.5k+shipping It's got rashi's warranty based on serial number, no bill since it was won in a tourney Perfect for people who cant afford 8xxx cards yet Can trade it for a k790/800 cell PM me to deal/comment, post questions here
  14. shady_inc

    which games can i play on my pc??

    my config: 1.1 gb ddr 400 ram 2.4 ghz celeron processor 64 mb onboard video games i look forward to play: >>company of heroes >>elder scrolls-oblivion >>doom 3 >>stalker i really can't afford to play any of these games at even medium-to-high settings.....but is it possible,with...
  15. chicha


    Most of us are a major part of it, lets say we are forced to. I am fed up of this ****. i do not like piracy, who likes it any way. Every one wants the original stuff. But can we afford? We are forced to copy reason is very well known cost. A windows costs approx RS6000 when you get the same...
  16. zegulas

    Why are CRTs not available in High Definition?

    Well thats the question. HD CRTs would be so cheap, everyone could afford one.
  17. RCuber

    Big Apple computer for 6995/- only

    Hi guys i just came back from "Telecom and IT Expo 2006" Bangalore. exibition is not a huge one but its ok. I saw a Big Apple Pavilion there and there was this cute imac like looking thing i saw their broucher and was shocked to see the price Rs.6995 and you get a full computer. The PC tough...
  18. vwad

    Free Accounting Software

    Is there any free indian accounting with inventory maintenance like tally since i cannot afford tally right now please help vwad
  19. D

    Some questions regarding the LG 4410

    So is LG's new phone any match to Nokia's 3230 and 6600. Its well within my budget and has got all sorts of features i need. And they are giving away a load of freebies too. Plus its got 2 screens. And if anyone is thinking the phone is designed by Porsche(thats what is going on on the net cos...
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