Pentium G4560 on an old H110 motherboard: How to do it?

Planning to get a Pentium G4560 because of its hyper threading.
I want to be able to play games that require 4 cores. I cant afford the full i5 ones so i need the cheapest intel CPU that can play games like WatchDogs2

My motherboard is[h=1]Gigabyte GA-H81M-S LGA 1150 Ultra Durable Motherboard
11025_big.jpg[/h]How can i get these two to work together? I cant afford a B250 motherboard right now :(
I read somewhere that i can make these two compatible with software update

How do i do that
and where?


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I think you made a mistake in your thread title. You mean, "an old H81 motherboard"?

If sockets are different, you can't. Sorry, but that's how Intel works.

You'll have to buy the Haswell i5 for your socket.
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