1. Island Dog

    DeskScapes 2.0 Announced!

    Stardock announced DeskScapes 2.0 today. DeskScapes 2.0 will run on all versions of Windows that can run Aero. Source: WinCustomize
  2. Faun

    Buggati Veyron is not the fastest car

    Here is new record breaking fatest car: SSC Ultimate Aero TT record run-257mph/413kmh Top five cars: 1) Ultimate Aero TT (412.233km/h) 2) Bugatti Veyron (407.5km/h) 3) Koenigsegg CCR (387.87km/h) 4) McLaren F1 (386.7km/h) 5) Jaguar XJ22 (350km/h)
  3. bajaj151

    Aero not working properly ?

    When I start my starts...but within 5-6 theme changes back to vista basic......wht is the problem ?
  4. Krazy_About_Technology

    Beryl on Linux Runs Cool Effects on Intel 915 - What has Microsoft Done to AERO?

    Guys, This time i am really annoyed with Microsoft for this Intel 915 Graphics and Aero glass incompatibility issues. I know many post have been done on this forum on this issue, but i cant keep myself from speaking. Its well known, Aero Glass interface is not supported on Intel 915 based...
  5. Vishal Gupta

    VISTA THEME: Vista Black for Vista Basic with Aero Buttons

    Hi guys I'm very excited to announce my new theme "Vista Black" for Windows Vista. :) about: I have created this theme for "Windows Vista Basic" users who can't use "Aero" in their systems and are forced to use the Vista Basic theme. I have tried to make it similar to Vista Aero theme. HOW...
  6. Vishal Gupta

    [WIP] Vista Black for Vista Basic with Aero Buttons

    Guys I'm working on a theme specially for Vista Basic users who can't enjoy the Aero theme in their systems. :) I'm trying to make it similar to Vista Aero theme and hv put Aero buttons in this theme along with Black titlebar and windows frame. Here are 2 screenshots: Vista Black Explorer...
  7. comrade

    Mission: Digit like Vista Interactive CD (need aero buttons)

    Hi im on the road to make a digit like vista interactive far going in need of some aero buttons(mix,max and close) all with glow effects...i have no clue of how to make it..anyone help me in doing it or find a premade psd or something on it? herez a preview of my cd...
  8. anandk


    "Do you have the boring Windows 2000 or XP, and wish it looked like Windows Vista? Or are you stuck with the Windows Home Vista Basic Version without the Aero feature? Maybe you just want to give your existing system a finishing touch... If so, you need the new VystalVivid. VystalVivid...
  9. freshseasons

    Agp Xfx 6600 Gt

    I have a AGP XFX 6600GT a , year old card. The card works perfectly and runs Vista Aero . Please PM me personally if someone is interested. Thanks.
  10. bikdel

    256 mb enough? for vista?

    i have a pc with a fast enough procy - p4 2.8 ghz, good mobo and shader model 2.0 supporting (windows aero compatible) gfx card... the only thing is that my ram is 256 mb ddr 400... before investing ina win vista dvd, i wanna kno if anyone tries it in 256 mb.. the rec ram for win 98 was 64...
  11. H

    windows vista aero

    :) :) :) what is the hardware requirement to run aero interference in windows vista home premium.
  12. iMav

    aero when window maximized

    i know this was posted somewhere but cant find it ... how do i enable aero when my window is maximized
  13. F

    Get the WOW for XP : Aero with Vystal

    From V Y S T A L - Reloaded gives your XP the "WOW"! It applies the Aero Glass effect to your XP borders just by one click. It has also many features like customizing border... An alternative to WindowBlinds ;) *Latest Build*...
  14. krates

    Aero Effect And Flip 3d In xp

    Many Transformation Packages Have Been Formed Many Post Have Been Given How To Convert Xp To Vista But The Only Thing Lack In All Those Post Is The Flip 3d And Aero Effect If You Want To Use Them In Xp Just Download Those Tool From Here Tile All Windows - 3D Layout Tile All Windows...
  15. abhi.eternal

    How to enable aero effect in low-end machines?

    I heard the aero effect can be enabled in low-end machines by some registry tweaking. I have Vista RTM, and use the Ultimate edition. can anyone tell me how to do this?
  16. S

    how to enable aero interface?

    this is my config:- amd athlon64 x2 3800+ 1gb ddr2 667mhz ram(transcend) nvidia geforce 6150 chipset. i downloaded the latest forceware drivers for vista and installed them, but the aero interface is not enabled, how do i enable it, how is its appearance?
  17. H

    My Vista review

    Hai there guys,here is harvik780 with a short but sure windows vista ultimate review.This new breed of windows operating system is a whole new experience but is it worth the money?u gonna find it now.I think u ain't getting any better information else where.First of all it has whole new kernel...
  18. imdbest

    Way To Enable AERO & Flip3D in Vista on Low Resource Machine ALSO

    Way To Enable AERO & Flip3D in Vista on Low Resource Machine ALSO Microsoft by default doesn't provide AERO Grafix System and Flip3D facility (the two marvels of Vista Interface) on system with low resources like less RAM or so. ABK Vista VFX Manager v0.1 License: Freeware LiNK...
  19. A

    Windows Vista RTM 6000

    I put Build 6000, which has been expected to be identical to or closely track the initial shipping version of Vista, through its paces Here's a quick report card. Installation:6/10 The 64-bit version installed proceeded most of the way, but couldn't complete, so my inference is there...
  20. GeeNeeYes

    does my old P4 qualify for Vista Basic

    Aero Glass | Vista Standard | Vista Basic the three terms that made my head swim in never ending circles As the question being asked may ruffle a few hardcore moderating-happy digit members, i would like to clarify that this query is also a little informative for the un-informed and noobs...
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