does my old P4 qualify for Vista Basic

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Aero Glass | Vista Standard | Vista Basic
the three terms that made my head swim in never ending circles

As the question being asked may ruffle a few hardcore moderating-happy digit members, i would like to clarify that this query is also a little informative for the un-informed and noobs.
I also have seen the STICKY on VISTA requirements posted here..

As Vista is said to require very high-end hardware specifications, i was wondering when I could afford such systems with the graphix cards and all fancy addons... i can not :(

BUT now i read an article on a reputed vista-related site that even a PC with such low specifications WITHOUT a graphics card would be able to run Windows VISTA albeit the fancy user inteface would be restricted to a basic style visual theme. :eek:

So I am wondering whether the system with following specs would be able to run VISTA or NOT ?????????? :( :confused:

P4 1.69GHz
128MB + 64MB SD RAM
SiS650 internal display adapter 32MB
MicroStar MS-6524 mainboard
Liteon DVD writer
and other usual peripherals


please try to give a geniune answer with proper information
i have no desire nor monetary savings to UPGRADE.. so please dont advise me such.. :D
i would have posted this question in QnA section but this section is more relevant and suggested by the description of QnA.

I couldnt reproduce the article but have pasted some other related information that i did find...
Vista user interface: There are three visual themes that are available in Windows Vista.
Windows Vista Aero: This is the most advanced visual display in Windows Vista. It combines desktop composition (managed by the Desktop Window Manager) with a bunch of whizzy visual effects, including transparent glass windows. live thumbnails on taskbar buttons and in the Alt+Tab window switcher, and a new Flip-3D window switcher. This theme is available in all versions of Windows Vista except Home Basic and only with suitable display hardware. (Confusingly, you can disable transparent glass from the Window Color and Appearance Control Panel, but you can’t disable any other visual effects here.)
Windows Vista Standard: Think of this as Aero minus the glitz. It uses desktop composition for smooth video performance, but lacks the real-time previews and visual effects. The glass windows are identical in appearance to those in an Aero-equipped machine, but they’re opaque. The Windows Vista Standard theme is available only in Vista Home Basic and only if hardware meets the Aero specs.
Windows Vista Basic: This theme is available on every Vista version and is the only option on systems equipped with older, underpowered video hardware. The window controls are flat, similar to those in Windows XP. It doesn’t use desktop composition, a difference you can readily see if you drag a window around on the screen using the Standard or Aero theme and then switch to the Windows Vista Basic theme and do the same thing. With the latter option, you’ll see a jerky motion instead of the smooth gliding that the DWM provides.

At the top of the list of available color schemes, a Vista user with hardware that meets the Aero specs will see either Windows Aero and Windows Vista Basic or Windows Vista Standard and Windows Vista Basic. If your video hardware isn’t up to snuff, you’ll see Windows Vista Basic at the top of the list.


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aquamatrix said:
you wont be able to use aero. nut vista basic will run
No it will not"run", it will only CRAWL & the experiance will b unpleasent, that is putting it mildly...sorry mate u wanted honest reply n the honest reply is ur sys memory is way too low+u need atleast a 7300gfx card...although u don't want 2 hear u need to spend aprox Rs.5000 worth of upgrade on memory + gfx card

no cant run vista on this confrigatiion...........u will need atleat 512 mb run any theme of vista.Even u wont be able to install vista with this confrigation.But after upgrading ur ram...u will be able to use vista basic theme.


U need at 512MB of ram to run Vista( even d basic one ) and u need a gfx crd if u want d eye candy (i.e Aero )


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Upgrade to at least 512MB of ram.......even then the performance in basic will be very poor...

To just run Vista get a 512MB ram and a 6200 for aero...

yes a graphics card is must for aero theme.But sm latest high end motherboard graphics card support vista aero theme.
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