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"Do you have the boring Windows 2000 or XP, and wish it looked like Windows Vista? Or are you stuck with the Windows Home Vista Basic Version without the Aero feature? Maybe you just want to give your existing system a finishing touch... If so, you need the new VystalVivid.

VystalVivid gives your borders the Aero Glass effect just by one click."



not really just opened d dl pg and dld it

altho i like my OS interface 2 b as sparse as possible [just short of command line interface]


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hey folks, one question.

i don't haf aero compatible hardware. so i'm stuck wid the vista basic look on home premium (jus got a license, hafing ur kin in MS helps!! :D ) all i want is vista standard theme (the buttons i mean)... i don't want transperencies. jus the vista standard look widout all the heavy eyecandy. i hate the basic theme.

i kno the vista standard theme is h/w accelerated. i don't want vista standard. i want a theme that mimics vista standard. can anyone help me out? joejoe.org manager?? :)
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