1. B


    guys i need some help, i have a 3 yr old acer laptop which now is giving me a battery life of just 36 mins with windows 7 and aero turned off, the power slides down from 60 to 5% in a matter of seconds plz help
  2. Harsh Pranami

    Enabling transparency all over window rather than only at title bar in windows 7 aero theme

    hi friends. I have aero theme active and it looks really cool. But when i right click on desktop and select gadgets then the window that opens up is completely transparent, not only the title bar. Is there any way to activate transparency all over window rather than only at title bar?? I do not...
  3. S

    Need some advice on Choosing OnMobile vs HCL Aero

    I'm currently placed in OnMobile with software -QA profile and a package of 4.5 LPA. I also have an offer from HCL Aero with core electronics profile and a package of 3.25 LPA. So,which of the 2 companies should i choose ? It would be better if you can give the pros and cons of both the...
  4. S

    New Fully Transparent Aero Media Player by me

    This Aero Media Player is developed and created only for Aero Addicted peopled...... This App is created for visually see like Windows Media Player(But with full transparency like "Aero") NOTE :- ~!@ This App is only for Windows Vista and Windows Seven User with Aero Theme Applied on thier...
  5. N

    Help me finding Mother Board for my PC.

    My PC has the following configurations Motherboard : Asus P5PEVM HDD : 160 GB Ram : 1500 MB Processor : Intel(R) CPU 2140 @ 1.60GHz I want to buy a motherboard for my PC that is Windows 7 ready , Provides aero support and makes my PC work perfectly with Adobe Programs like Flash...
  6. mohityadavx

    Is this temp normal

    Hi I used speedfan to check my pc temp is this temp normal at idle specially for the GPU only utorrent is running in background. I am using Win7 with AERo disabled and my config is below in my siggy. My gpu temp is 54C and CPU is 38 C
  7. Y

    Win7 or XP on Atom N455

    Which OS will perform better on Lenovo 10-3C netbook (Atom N455/ 2GB DDR3 / Intel WMA 3150)? XP PRO SP3 or WIN 7 Ultimate with Aero Peak disabled and visual settings for best performance.
  8. M

    5670 hd and windows 7

    Hi i have just purchased and installed an asus eah5670 hd 1gb ddr5 graphics card and i have problems with windows display manager its always turned off so cant enable any aero function please help also the gameplay is not so smooth as i expected. Graphic glitches are too many
  9. B

    problem with vista service pack 1 an aero

    hiiiii frnds, i have a pc with Intel D102GGC2 motherboard with integrated ATI graphics(256MB) and 1GB DDD2 RAM. my problem is that whenever i install vista service pack 1 on my vista ultimate, vista aero interface is turned off. it on gets back working when i uninstall vista service pack 1. i...
  10. cyber

    making changes for aero style in vista

    hey guys u can change the border for aero style in vista. 1.right click on the desktop personalize 3.choose color and appearance 4.choose open classic appearance properties for more color options 5.make sure the color scheme is aero and click on advance button 6. select border padding...
  11. naveen_reloaded

    Force vista to stay on with incompatible programs / color scehme

    hi we all know that vista turns off aero when it runs a incompatible program. and the color scehem goes to home edition... is there a way to force it to stay on aero .. also wht to do or ho revert back to normal ?? i tried restarting the explorer.exe... didnt help./
  12. M

    Unable to turn on Aero!!

    When I navigate to right clickp[desktop]>Window Color and Appearance I no longer get the window where I used to get the option to enable and disable transparency,instead I'm getting this window where I hv the option to change the window color scheme to windows basic,classic,high contrast etc...
  13. P

    What is Aero 2?

    I think i have heard somewhere that Aero 2 is there but what is it?:confused:
  14. M

    windows vista aero

    hi... is there any way i can bypass the minimum requirements for aero in vista if yes then how thanks in advance.......!!!!!!
  15. New

    Vista problem!

    Hi.. I wanted to install vista aero theme created by vista guru Vishal Gupta.Hence I installed vista glazz software but, after installing that I am getting only white classic theme..How to get aero theme? Thanks..
  16. alsiladka

    UAC Prompts disable Aero when they display

    Guys i have a nVidia Geforce 7050 PV / nForce 630a onboard graphics card on my MoBo. I got this machine just 2 weeks back. This machine is my first taste of the Aero interface. So when i was checking some articles on WinSupersite today, i saw some screenshots which displayed the UAC Promts in...
  17. Vishal Gupta

    TUTORIAL: How to Add Aero ON / OFF Shortcuts in Desktop and My Computer Context Menu

    Whenever you want to turn Aero ON or OFF, you have to do it either from Desktop Properties or from System properties. But did you know there is a very easy shortcut to do it within seconds? Here are 2 commands to turn Aero ON / OFF which are used by Vista OS: Command to Turn Aero ON: Rundll32...
  18. jal_desai

    Will it run AERO??? ... Vista users help plz...

    Display: 17.0” Widescreen Colour TFT Video: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M; Up to 287 MB this is the video configuration of a HP Pavilion DV9601 laptop... they are giving Vista Home Premium... and we all know tht Home Premium has the Aero effect (unlike home basic) and for running it we shud have...
  19. New

    Not getting Aero in Home Premium

    I have installed vista home premium trial version on my pc,but I am not getting the aero interface in it.. I agree that i have only 128 card...I have done the WDM trick also..Please help me..
  20. S

    windows aero help!!

    I have a peculier problem. Earlier, about 2 months ago, when i had installed windows vista, i had access to windows aero. Then due to lack of ram(512mb) i removed it. Now i have 1.5 gb of ram and i installed windows vista ultimate(pirated) i am not getting windows aero. The hardware before and...
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