1. nishant_nms

    Cheapest card for Vista

    I want to know which cheapest Graphics card model from both ATI and nvidia which will support Vista Aero. Also quote it's price. And suggest for both AGP and PCIe
  2. S

    Vista ready !!

    First of all here is my System specifications: AMD Athlon XP 2400+, 2.01 GHz CPU, 40 GB HDD, LG DVD-RW, VIA/S3 Unichrome video card, VIA KN400/KM 400 Chipset and running Windows Vista Build 5472 My video card dont have support on "Aero". And i need a grapics card which supports Aero. I...
  3. aditya1987

    Longhorn Transformation Pack v2.0

    Since November 2002 when first well known Longhorn build (3683) was leaked. It's very exciting news with many passions to own Longhorn look in XP. March 2003, Windows X started making full Longhorn Transformation Pack secretly but with some problems that he couldn't solve it, he paused it for a...
  4. ShekharPalash

    Longhorn Build 5048 at WinHEC

    So after getting all the hardware happy, the first thing you'll notice is the look. Here we have Aero, Longhorn's current suit of clothes. Its gray, basic but easy on the eyes (olive green should have never happened). While temporary, Aero is in an intrem state until DWM/Avalon is fully...
  5. V

    Modified Long horn Aero Wallpaper , XP transparent logo

    Guys see what i came with. here is the modified longhorn aero bliss wallpaper and here is the logo witht he transparent Win XP logo i am not good at writing down the Steps i came through. i tried to upload the psd file but the size is 3 mb .no hope on this dial up connection but...
  6. A

    Longhorn Transformation Pack 9.0

    I am no fan of it , but here it goes. Changes in version 9.0: Added contributed skin "Western (By Scott Eichelberger)" Added first-run slient transforming mode for automatic transformation and uninstallation (perform when Windows starts) Added Longhorn Transformation Pack - Maintenance...
  7. S

    Longhorn MSN messenger skin (A must try)

    Longhorn MSN skin Just so there is no confusion: This skin is NOT for MSN Messenger 7 BETA which was released lately. It will be updated for 7 once MSN Messenger 7 becomes official (Febraury 2005) Themes Aero Theme: based on Aero UI by Windows X. You'll see a contrast between black and...
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