VISTA THEME: Vista Black for Vista Basic with Aero Buttons

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Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Hi guys

I'm very excited to announce my new theme "Vista Black" for Windows Vista. :)



I have created this theme for "Windows Vista Basic" users who can't use "Aero" in their systems and are forced to use the Vista Basic theme. I have tried to make it similar to Vista Aero theme.


1. Download "VistaGlazz" and run it to allow Vista to use 3rd party themes:

Website: [link]
Standalone: [link]
Installer: [link]

2. Extract the contents of RAR file to:


3. Now right-click on Desktop and select "Personalize" and then click on "Theme". Now select "Vista Black by Vishal Gupta" from the drop-down box and then Apply it.


It'll apply the Aero theme by default. If you want to use the "basic" version which I made specially, then change it from:

[Windows Color and Appearance -> Open classic appearance properties for more color options]

And select the Basic version from the list and then apply.


Vista Black for Vista Basic

I hope you all will like this theme as you liked all my previous themes.
Please give your valuable feedbacks. ;)
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Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Thank you so much guys. I'm really glad u liked it. :)

Intel_Gigacore said:
awesome theme Mr Vista, can you do the same one for xp too?
Now now but I'll keep ur demand in my mind. ;)

pathiks said:
awesome theme..

Vista is really ingrained into u..
btw r u a professional UI designer???
Nope. :)
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