1. lovedonator

    Adware on my android. Help

    I have a Moto X Play, not rooted, and since yesterday my lock screen has been replaced by 'DU Quick Charge' Lock screen which is basically just adware. There is an option to disable it but it doesn't work and it always comes back. I searched about it and it seems there are a few apps which have...
  2. K

    Adware,malware and spyware

    Hi Guys, I have Windows7 and K7 Total Security. After getting internet connection, the connection continues and after sometime, it disconnects itself and then connects itself automatically. This happens very very often. I am sure that the problem is due to ADWARE, MALWARE, SPYWARE AND THE...
  3. dashing.sujay

    How to remove adwares, pop-ups or ads from browsers?

    Adwares / Malwares / Browser Hijackers/ PUPs Removal guide These days, adwares are everywhere. Right from softwares you install, to links you click, to pages you visit and what not. Apart from nasty adwares, which will irritate you to the core, PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and Browser...
  4. stellar

    Buy N Save Pest

    IMy Browser is infected with buy n save adware. I am using google chrome and I have tried all the antimalware like spybot,malwarebyte,ad aware but still no success. After deleting in google chrome extension also it re surfaces again after after the browser is opened. Help on terminating this...
  5. amjath

    Adware Source of Install??

    Hi guys, Today I was browsing digit using Chrome Browser suddenly Chrome crashed. It never happened to Chrome before. So I relaunched and restored all the tabs, when I tried highlighting text of posts I found some share kind of things popped up. I was shocked seeing it cause I know its a...
  6. Niilesh

    Infected by an adware

    Hey guys my computer is infected by an adware. Occasionally a new tab(not window) opens to a travel (agencies) sites they are not usually the same site every time are these adds by thinkdigit? As i am usually surfing on forum i don't know if it is just a popup(which i doubt as I have...
  7. Ethan_Hunt

    Nero bundled comes up with in Kaspersky

    I tried this 2 times already & always keep getting this alert in Kaspersky stating that "" What the hell is this? Does anyone have Nero 8 installed & has got such notification.I researched a bit on the internet & found that this is an adware...
  8. ╬Switch╬

    Best ipod Video converter?

    I just can't seem to find a good ipod video converter, tried videora, but its adware. Need something neat (not necessarily freeware, buy necessarily not adware). Any suggestions?
  9. ax3

    Trojan Adware Hiding in MP3s, McAfee Says

    Adware pushers have found a new way to trick you into downloading their annoying products: fake MP3 files. On Tuesday, security vendor McAfee reported that it's seen a huge spike in fake MP3 files spreading on peer-to-peer networks. Although the files have names that make them look like audio...
  10. R

    Adware & Spyware

    hey can anybody tell me what is adware & spyware? what they exactly do? it was asked during paper presentation on firewall.
  11. utsav

    Adware suggesting to download spyware remover!!!!

    My Pc got infected by a adware which is suggesting me to download spyware remover .It automatically set up this warning wallpaper on my desktop :lol: So i scanned my system with Spybot search and destroy to remove it but there was none!!! Seems a good adware :D Digg it See Post
  12. Gigacore

    [Breaking News] Top Ten predictions for security threats in 2008

    The year has not yet ended but McAfee, Inc has already published its top ten predictions for security threats in 2008 and it doesn't look rosy folks! Topping the list is the ever present scapegoat of the year Windows Vista, McAfee predicts that hackers will start to take a much more varied...
  13. Gigacore Adware!!!!!

    Hi guys i downloaded a small game from and found it was affected by adware. please tell me whether its safe to use or not.. and check whether it is really affected by download it... its just 208 KB...
  14. Gigacore

    Avoiding Internet Traps [Tips]

    Found this Interesting: The internet, although an excellent source of information and way to communicate is filled with many dangerous traps set by many shady people. Just as in the real world there are many people who would take advantage of others, the same is true of the internet. This...
  15. raj_82_18

    Need help to upgrade system

    Hello Friends, Here my system config: P4 2.8, intel motherboard D101GGC , 512MB RAM, 80GB HD. I want to upgarde my system with latest Graphic card, processer, HD. Please suggest me the best brands with price. Hey anybody knows where I can download the spyware, adware free legal...
  16. ComputerUser

    Automatic updates don't install

    On my friend's computer,the updates of XP don't install.A nagging popup says that updates are not ready and the PC must be connected to the net.We tried it and everything else but that popup comes back after 2-3 days.Is it an adware??
  17. M

    Lavasoft's Updated Spyware Zapper: Ad-Aware 2007

    A venerable favorite utility for zapping spyware and adware, Lavasoft's Ad-Aware has just been updated, with improvements that include better detection of adware and malware, a scanning engine that goes easy on your PC's system resources, and a snazzy new interface. The updates apply to all...
  18. D

    Help! My system has Been attacked by Adware (i think so)

    I installed IE7 Beta. From past two weeks it has been popping up rediculous advertisements. I think its adware. The files included in this whole thing are - iexplorer.exe, hopesign.exe, Clockflaw.exe and about 45 .dll files. I want to use IE7 safely because most of the Microsoft/Windows...
  19. max_demon

    Google is acting up

    Whenever i go to google and try to search anything the browser takes me to different search engin like - [Edited Batty] Removed potentially dangerous links ......and many more . it is by some adware or spyware or virus. ..HELP i m irrited cos they open pop up window :mad: :mad: :mad:
  20. Kiran.dks

    All you want to know about 'Spyware'

    Spyware and its threats Although spyware has been called the plague of the Internet, many people still regard the invasive software as a kind of digital Avian flu. "Yes, it's bad and potentially very threatening. Unfortunately, that way of thinking could be a big mistake. The prevalence...
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