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Speed Up Your Computers In 4 Steps

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Disclaimer You Perform The Following Steps At Your Own Risk Any Damage Caused Will Not Be My Responsibility
btw Only Step 2 Is Harmful If Not Done Properly.

1.Regular Virus,Spyware,Adware Check(Programs I recommended (Avast 4.7(Antivirus),Spybot 4(Anti-Spyware),Lavasoft Adware Personal SE(Anti adware)
2. Reduce The Number Of Startup Programs (Recommended :-Twice A Month)
(Best:-as Soon as you Install A New Program)
1.Goto Start click on Run and type Msconfig
2.Select the Startup Tab
3.Uncheck The Programs Which You Think Are Not Reqd. (Exclude The Antivurs Anti Spyware Programs)
4.click on OK(Reboot Reqd.)

3.Regular Defragment (Recommended:- Once a Month)
(I Do:- Twice A Week)
(Best:- Do Whenever You Can)

4.Regularly Check All Drives For Errors (Recommended:- Once A Week)
(Best:-Twice A Week)


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reg pt 2 : xp os does not require any 'startups', unlike win98. if u disabled something critical unknowingly in 98, u could land in a mess ! i have nil startups on my xp. prefer to use protection, by clicking on the security suite on ven going on the net :) but then each to his own.


@ spashy No Offence , but DEFRAGGING the HD disk twice a week!!, that'll DEGRADE the HD disk PERFORMANCE very soon.

You should do the Defragging process only when you INSTALL a BIG Application (more than 1GB size), or once a month, that too ONLY if the default MS "Defragmenter" program suggests you to.

If you play games (like GTA San Andreas(4.7GB), NFS Most Wanted(2.9GB),)daily, then every month check (analyze) for the file Defragmentation.

Checking for Disk Errors every once a week is also not a good idea, it depends how you use your PC (if you dont have a UPS, & your area suffers regular power cuts), then it sounds good, otherwise you can check for the "Disk Error" once a month or once in two months.

I have been using my PC for a year now & i've run the "Check for Disk Errors" only thrice(due to power cut) & to my luck never found any error.

best thing to do convert all HDD Partitons nto "NTFS" format, so there are lesser chances of getting a disk error.
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nix said:
@anandk: you have deselected all inthe startups list?

absolutely !

i usually prefer to have 'winpatrol' at hand. its a nice small freeware tool for instantly controlling ur pc. keeps a watch on ur pc ;-) too !
click www.winpatrol.com


Dipen01 said:
Never heard of it..!!!

Hard Disk is a Mechanical Device, so what happens when you defrag? the HEAD has to do a lot of WORK as a result producing more HEAT.... so damage to both Head & Platters

so if you do the defragging twice a week,(without any reason...).. you are just REDUCING THE WORKING LIFE OF your HDD.

i mean there's very lean chance of your FILES getting defragmented in week itself, it'll not Hamper the System Performace with big difference.

I always try to AVOID defragmenting my Game Drive, coz only one or two FILES (bigger in size), for example....GTA San Andreas\audio\SFX\SPC_GA(1.03 GB) this files gets fragmented in a month , & all i do is "CUT" it & paste it another drive & then again & "CUT" it & paste it to its original location. when doing this, the 1..GB files gets pasted as a big Contiguous file".

Ankur Gupta

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As per your theory playing games,Audio/Video editing all degrade the hard disk...if that is it then y are they made in the first place :) ?


@s18000rpm..........In ur theory that will mean Microsoft is trying to cheat us by giving such defragment tools so that the hardware soon gets corrupt and then we buy new one to implement new version of windows and then the new hardware gets corrupted soon and then again after sometime we buy new version of windows......Isnt it??
Neways what about scandisk and the antivirus softwares then?? They also do the same kind of activities giving load on the head!!
If Twice a week defragmenting can reduce working life of ur disk, then what wud regular scans and automatic background activites of anitviruses wud do??

Neways coming back to topic, I guess a LINUX distro on ur hardisk is a perfect answer to all computer problems!!

Zeeshan Quireshi

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me too i have disabled n deleted all items from my startup list , n i don't use antivirus . i play safe n visit only trusted sites when using windows .


@mediator & @ankurgupta.me, You guys should understand what i'm saying here, I'm NOT saying that Defrag.... is bad, but doing the same TWICE a week is bad.

& guys c'mon you know there's a BIG Difference between the PROCESS of File Fragmentation & DEFRAGMENTATION. :mad:

I again say if the default MS Defragmenter suggests you to run the Defrag.... then only DO it.
(i havent used any third party defragm... applications)

does your HDD do work (like in the process of Defrag...) when you are Playing games, doing full system scan, casually workin.......... :cool: :cool:

& i'm not Crtisizing any one here. :cool:


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also go to msconfig...and disable all unnecessary start up services that will make tad diff...and reg tweaks r always there. ;)


Defragmentation periods depends upon the amount of data moved, installed or uninstalled. Note that Windows inbulit defragmentar is not efficient in 100% defragmentation. Needless to say, it is too slow and uses lot of system resources. Award winning Diskeeper is one of the best defragmentation tool available today. First analyse the disk and look for number of fragments. If it is considerably high, then proceed for defragmentation. Diskeeper also gives a complete report of defragmentation.


My Samsung 40 GB sucks..!! i mean am outta warranty from Jan 07..and m in constant fear that it might give up..

and i mite loose DATA + HDD itself... so i try all those things... Defrag regularly..once a week..with O & O..

Format and Reinstall Windows once a month (i dont use Antivirus/Anitspyware..coz am on low RAM and PIII)...


@18000rpm....chill man, no offence but bro I dunno why u say that. Mah old PC,bought in 1998, lasted around 5 yrs which used to experience heavy defragment almost more than 4 times a week! Mah present PC gets defraged almost tiwce a week and is more than 3 yrs old with no bad sectors and working smoothly!
Not to mention mah aunty's PC which is around 8 yrs old, defrags almost twice a week still running on Win 98 but still is devoid of bad sectors!
I never ever heard before of anything like degragment is bad for hardisk !


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Without seeing the negative side of things i COMPLETELY agree with S1800rpm. We must use things as and when it is needed and must not over utilies things, because "Too much of Anything is not good.


^^This months digit says "It is a good practise to defragment your drives once a fortnight". What u say about that?? Will u complaint now?? A top class magazine itself is saying it.
Source DIGIT,October edition 2006, page number 93, left column, before MEDIA MADNESS, under TOO HOT TO HANDLE!!


well, shall we move to "Fight Club" as @Spashy wanted this thread as a Tutorial.

you're going to Defragment every fortnight (once every two weeks), well thats way better, & do you guys really have time to do the Defragmentation 4 times a week!!!
By the way can you mention me, when you defragment your way (2 times a week....) what kind of PERFORMANCE BOOST you get.

i usually play games (3-4 hours a day) & do some Image Editing (& rarely do home movie editing),
all these things cause fragmentation, but i've never experienced any DOWNGRADE in my PC's PERFORMANCE.
the start-up time is same (1-2 mins), Gaming experience is same(no slow down ,it runs smoothly).
& above all i do this Defragmentation only once in a Month or two (usually its once in 2 months).
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