1. V

    ODBC problem

    whenever i'm trying to run ODBC in my PC with Windows 7, it is displaying ODBC administrator has stopped working.kindly help me.
  2. meetdilip

    Windows 7 : Not able to create new user

    I am facing an issue with new user creation on Windows 7 desktop. It simply won't log in using new user/s I create through control panel. Neither am I able to activate guest account. There is administrator account for all. And since my PC is not always private, I am having trouble. Please...
  3. D

    how to change wallpaper for desktop in office pc

    in my office, users can login in their pc with administrator login and other user login. i use to login with my username and password. but the wallpaper for my username desktop is fixed. i m unable to change do i change the wallpaper for my username login as per my wish? i know...
  4. rajsujayks

    Unable to instal/runl software in W7 Home Premium x64, unless I right-click and "Run as Admin"

    I am using Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit edition in my Dell Inspiron 15R SE laptop ever since I bought it last October. I have 4 partitions - C, D, F and H. I have a Administrator user account and the Guest account turned on. I blocked access to Guest for D, F and H drives by denying all...
  5. D

    Windows XP SP3 - not able to remove or install some programs

    Seemingly this old rig had a spyware programs installed. All is clean now - but not able to install new programs.. and install some of them from add/remove programs - These programs include adobe reader 10 and autocad 2004 and some more programs. I created new administrator user just to...
  6. angie

    Windows 8 Disk acess requires administrator priv problem

    Hi, Ever since I moved to win 8, I have been having this strange irritating problem. I have my hard disk partitioned in 2 drives (C & D) Only one OS, namely win8 is installed in C. Every disk access requires administrator priv. For eg. If I download any thing in any other directory than my...
  7. I

    Learning AIX-How much it helps for a Windows System Administrator?

    Please suggest.Thanks!
  8. S

    Administrator password expiring frequently....

    Hi Guys, The administrator password is expiring frequently in my dell system....any solution for this to prevent? I am using win 7 prof 64 bit OS Regards, Santosh kulkarni
  9. D

    502 proxy error

    cant open the normal sites.. like fb error"Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The request was rejected by the HTTP filter. Contact your ISA Server administrator. (12217)" how to get rid of it....
  10. Piyush

    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Demonoid

    Demonoid, one of the biggest torrent sites around, was taken down on July 25 after a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The website is now completely unresponsive, although its administrator says he says he will bring it back eventually. Demonoid admin: We'll be back | ZDNet
  11. tech_boy

    #Proxy Server Interception#

    Hello, I want to ask a question. I am using proxy server for connecting to internet. Is it possible for the proxy administrator to intercept the usernames and passwords of the websites accessed via HTTPS........
  12. L

    Job as Linux Administrator

    Any company in Mumbai having vacancy for Linux administrator. Even if no vacancy, I'd like to know companies which need Linux administrators.... <note: I am B.Sc. Computer Science graduate from Mumbai University and currently employed)
  13. S

    server folder permission problem

    techies i have a folder in server 2003 , today i removed all the security settings to give fresh permissions to new user in that process i also removed the permmission of administrator also. after that i gave permission to administrator and other domain user. then when i entered in the...
  14. A

    Server locking WebAdresses

    Hello , Can a Main Server Administrator Block a Webadresses in the Client Pc. Can the Administrator Block the certian Web adresses - i don't think so................and what about the Administrator Strenght and his Capabilities Controlling the Client ? Pliz make it Detaily Thank U Regards...
  15. R

    Utorrent only for admin

    Is it possible to install utorrent such that it will run only under administrator account and wont run under "User" account in windows XP.? I have administrator account and i want to block utorrent for normal users.
  16. B

    Printer driver not installing

    I have a HP psc1310 which I want to install on my Dell laptop having Win7. But when I try to install using CD it informs me that I need to be logged in as administrator. There is only one account in the pc & it is obviously administrator account. This problem resurfaces when I try to open...
  17. P

    How to block specific websites for a particular account in windows xp/7

    Can anyone tell me how to block particular websites for a non administrator account in windows. Thank in advance.
  18. mohityadavx

    Administrator Permission

    Hi! I have installed some Parental Control software in windows 7 and blocked few websites. However the problem is if you run the browser in run as administrator mode it doesn't block the site. So it become useless so lease help me guys.
  19. ayushman9

    Windows 7 SP1 installation error (Access is denied)

    Windows update showed me ,that sp1 (final) is available . It automatically downloaded it ,but while installing said "Access is denied) I went to Microsoft download website ,manually downloaded the service pack . But even then when i run it simply it says "Access is denied" .If i run it with...
  20. H

    how to know an administrator password?

    I forgot my computer administrator password that a gave but now i can't access the administrator access. i am work in limited user. How i know the Administrator password? Please help.
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