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  1. P

    AGP card needed

    The GF 6200 AGP card used by my deceased nephew's wife and their young son has gone kaput and they cannot afford to replace the entire system yet. So I'm looking for a stop-gap replacement for the AGP card. I'd like something better than a 6200 if possible. A 6600GT or 7600GT would be great...
  2. J

    Nvidia 6600GT or nvidia 7150

    I have a XFX 630i motherboard with on board 7150 graphics adapter and 2 Gb of ddr2 ram. I am running winxp on it.Now i am getting a Nvidia 6600GT for around 1K from my friend. Now my question is should i opt for the GPU (6600 one). Will there be any performance gain in gaming and overall system...
  3. ionicsachin

    xfx 6600gt + farcry original

    hi guys i ve just bought a new system so i ve some things to sell from old rig: xfx 6600gt 128mb ddr3 agp8x shader model 3... including cool xfx box and all driver cds...i ll even provide the latest drivers..the card is one year old and is full directx9.0c supporting..gives stunning visuals...
  4. N

    New games avaible for 6600gt

    haiii frends , can anyonee tell mee wt r all the new games tht can i play with my 6600gt n 2gb ram ...amd 3200+
  5. sysrq

    For Sale:: P4 Machine

    update: decided to keep some items for secendery system...and i have now only following componant for sale reason: upgrading...... items: cost incl shipping... Products are in excellent working condition.... gfx card buyer will get card's asseceries+driver dvd+orig-farcry game+some few...
  6. =CrAzYG33K=

    6600GT available in market?

    Is the PCI-E version of 6600GT available at all in the market? I'm confused as a friend pointed out that a new 6600GT PCI-E from BIG/Zebronics with 2-3 years warranty is available for around 2-2.5k !
  7. F

    FS -my rig..p4 2.66,d865gbf mb,2x256ddr400 ram and big 6600gt agp

    FS-wanted to upgrade my rig.. so my current conf is cpu- p4 2.66ht mb-d865gbf ram-2x256mb ddr400 graphics card-BIG 6600gt agp..got 1yr warranty left and they r for sale anyone interested?pref...
  8. S

    6800 or 6600gt

    hello people, i am getting a deal for a used 6600gt or 6800 128mb for almost same price i wanted to know which one is better. the 6800 for sale has specs- # pixel processors -12 # vertex processors - 5 Memory Type/Amount - gddr/128mb GPU Speed - 325mhz RAM Speed - 700...
  9. M

    Sparkle 6600GT 128MB DDR3 AGP

    hey guys me selling my sparkle 6600gt 128mb DDR3 agp for 3.75 k+shipping :) never overclocked, never abused. Absolutely running fine. any warranty problems within 1 year i'll take care of it.:D nice upgrade for FX users so let me know guys;)
  10. N


    hi, I am getting a deal for used Leadtek 6600GT extreme edition for 4650, wid 2 years warranty left.. Is it worth the price?? I m mainly intrested in it coz the seller is near my location 1 hr distance .. So shd i go for it??
  11. asif1231

    6600gt or 7300gt

    6600gt or 7300gt which should i opt for..
  12. A

    ASUS Nvidia 128 MB Geforce 6600GT AGP

    hi guys i have 8 months used ASUS 128MB 6600GT AGP Card... i can give it for rs 5000.. contact me in calexdon@gmail.com bye arun kumar
  13. din4204u

    asus a8n sli deluxe,amd 3200+,corsair ddr 400,leadtek 6600gt for sale

    hi guys i m in a mood of complete system upgrade.so i want to sell my following parts i have.... 1:-amd 3200+ socket 939 winchester cpu 2:-asus a8n sli-deluxe motherboard 3:-corsair xtreme memory spedd ddr 400 1gb ram(512x2) with ultra low timing ( warranty 4:-two...
  14. N

    graphics card

    which is better 6300gt or 6600gt or 7300gt:p which is better card of following nvidea geforce 6300gt " " 6600gt " " 7300gt __________ 7300gt actualy i have 7300gtgddr2 and find it pretty fine can u give me price of 6600gt which is better graphic...
  15. kumars

    Selling 6600GT!!!

    Guys i am selling my BIG 6600GT 256MB AGP card only two months old and it's in a perfect condition, comes with 3years warranty.. Anyone interested then let me know the price..
  16. G

    Fs:New 6600GT AGP 128 MB

    Got an New piece of AOpen 6600Gt AGP 128MB for Sale.. Purchased 1 month ago..Brand new Piece with Driver Cd..reason for selling..I need an Play Station 2 ...So i would sell it for Rs.5800+ courier charges...Location- Chennai
  17. S

    for sale Leadtek 6600gt agp 128mb & mobo

    I have a Leadtek 6600gt agp 128mb baught frm us so no warranty running fine comes with pandora tmrw original dvd willing to sell it for 4500/- + shipping ALso i hve a Msi K8n neo 2 platinum for sale its baught locally about a year old comes with 3 years warranty so 2 years warranty left...
  18. go_gamez

    gfx card upgrade..related..queries..

    my current config is Mobo- HIS 845-GVML..with an 4X AGP slot... p4 2.4 ghz. 1 mb l2 cache 512 mb ddr ram 80 gb PATA HDD and a crap MX-4000 ...i have decided..to upgrade...my gfx card..and i want to get the following info : ( as i am buying a second hand card..due to money...
  19. M

    Fs:xfx 6600gt Agp

    XFX 6600GT AGP Dated 11/6/2006. Edit: No personal information please The warranty is for 3 yrs and importer rashi peripherals. The remaining warranty is yours. my motherboard bloody messed up and have brought a new PCI-E motherboard.
  20. papai_mcc

    Which one is better, 6600GT or 7300GT

    Any one please can suggest me that amongst the above two graphics card which one will be better?
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