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  1. S

    gaming pc config @ 60k

    hi everyone i am looking for the best available pc config for gaming with a budget upto 60k. i already have speakers, gaming mouse, gaming mousepad and gaming headphones, so plz do not include these in 60k in your suggestions. My budget is flexible by a few k's above also though not much :). i...
  2. Jaskanwar Singh

    PC Buying Guide 2011- Q4

    PC Buying Guide Contributions, Suggestions By topgear|Cilus|tkin|Skud|MegaMind|vickybat|d3p5kor|d6bmg|jabber|thetechfreak|Extreme Gamer Our Suggestions on Various Budgets Rigs From 20k - 30k Rigs From 35k - 50k Rigs From 60k - 100k Workstation Rigs - 60k, 120k
  3. nCyCoD

    Laptop with good graphic card under 60k

    Looking for laptops under 60k which are available in India.. Preferable configuration: i5/i7 processor 4GB DDR3 RAM 540 GB 7200rpm 15.6" screen Graphic card better than 540m.. Looked into Xps 15 and Hp dv6 6017tx but xps15 can only offer 540m and there is heating issue in hp... So...
  4. N

    Best Gaming rig under 60k

    Hey guys i joined new here and im intendin on building a gamin pc wit a total budget of 60k max so i got some config. Given below i request you to give any suggestions or changes in this config so your free to say k friends and please suggest me some good cabinet, monitor, hdd, ups, cpu cooler...
  5. M

    A Laptop for 60K!

    1) 60K is my budget. 2) I am prefering a mainstream notebook with 15" screen atleast! 3) I want to buy it from New Delhi or Faridabad,Haryana! 4) I prefer brands Sony Vaio and HP! 5) I want to purchase it for game development and programming purpose! 6) I would be taking the notebook with...
  6. A

    gaming pc 60k i5 2500k confi

    Hi guys im new here this is my 1st post this is the first time im going to assemble my own gaming pc I need ur help 2 configure a i5 2500k processor based pc my budget is 60k looking for something future proof and which will enable me to play games on high resolution
  7. giprabu

    Need a Gaming + HTPC for 60k..

    Sorry, thread duplicated ..
  8. P

    Suggest Best Rig for not more than 60k for rendering and animation work

    Friends suggest me best config for rendering and animation (mainly for maya , 3ds max etc.) max budget is 60k I consider intel and amd equally. First preference for performance and do not overclock system.
  9. imsidz

    Gaming lappi > within 60k

    Hello geekz! Can any one around here suggest me a gaming laptop within 60k . 1.The stuff shud be capable for running dx11 games too with ease and a better fps. 2.the games i wud love to play on it ex-dirt2 ,cod2mw4 ,resident evil5 ,assassin's creed2, and any hard core games I suggested...
  10. S

    which is the best gaming laptop within 60k (if necessary expandable upto 80k) ???

    i wanted to know which would be the best gaming laptop available within 60k rs with a good video card(ati radeon hd 5970 ) , minimum of 4GB ram , 500 GB hard disk and a good battery life.. i would prefer a minimum of 15" screen. thank you.. email goji_stan@yahoo.co.in
  11. H

    laptop with usb 3.0

    are laptops with usb 3.0 avilable in india ? can anyone please suggest me any laptop with usb 3.0 in it around 60k ......
  12. george101

    Best 15'' Gaming Laptop within 60k!!!

    i want to buy a gaming laptop within 60k and my choices are 1. Sony VAIO EB16 2. HP Pavilion DV6-2163TX Acer is out of the question as i want build quality and am a bit rough user. i would have gone for sony if it wasnt for 1920x1080 resolution. can anyone post a picture of sony...
  13. P

    Laptop in 50k - 60k range?

    Hello, I am in need of a laptop between Rs. 50k - 60k range. Please suggest the best laptop available in this range.
  14. A

    suggest lappy pls.

    which to go for.. Apple MacBook/Pro, Dell, Hp, Toshiba or Sony. my budget is 60k
  15. A

    Need Laptop Upto 55 - 60K

    I friends, I need a new laptop in the range of 55 to 60K, but can not decide. Please can you guys help me please. I have seen Studio 15,17 and the XPS13, and Vaio and I am confused which one t buy. Can you guys suggest me laptop which is best buy in my price range. I want laptop mostly...
  16. surinder

    looking for 42" full HD LCD TV

    Hi guys, I'm looking for 42" full HD LCD TV under 70K to connect with my PC to enjoy full HD video content my pc configuration can be seen in my signature. What about LG jazz 42LG80FR for 60K or LG 42" scarlet 2.0 for 65K (most impressive of the lot) or LG scarlet 42LG60FR for 55K?
  17. thinknano

    Help Me get the latest pc for 60K

    FRIENDS PLEASE HELP ME OUT TO GET MY FIRST EVER "PERSONAL" COMPUTER FOR 60K the money I am investing is earned by a years and more of hard work and dedication of my(dad:D)....now he is buying my first ever PC:) No speaker, No Monitor needed!!:rolleyes: My config goes below. CPU:Intel Core...
  18. T

    Want to buy a new laptop for 60K

    Hi guys, I am an engineering student from Delhi and want to buy a new laptop. My budget is around 60K. It would be mainly used for Gaming and image editing. Could you guys help me out ??? Please this is urgent. Waiting for your help. Does anybody know wat is the price for hp pavilion dv5-1120tx ???
  19. N

    is this the rite choice for 60K

    should i purchase VAIO VGN-FZ35GN http://vaio-online.sony.com/prod_info/vgn-fz35gn/index.html price is 60K.. is this the right choice in this price tag?
  20. george101

    Gaming Laptop Within 60k!!!

    guys am planning to buy a laptop primarily for gaming... my budget is 60k... dont tell me anything about dell because i knw abt it....wat r my options other than XPX 1530??? i am also looking for an esata port as i have My Book Home 500GB... plz suggest guys and fast...
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