1. iittopper

    [Query] Zotac 560ti warranty problem

    Guys need help . I bought Zotac 560ti ( g one edition ) on august 2012 . My GPU is now not working ( no display) . I visited Aditya Infotec today and they said that your warranty is already over since warranty started from april 2012 ( he checked it through GPU serial no) and he said that...
  2. S

    560ti vs 650ti

    I got my 560ti graphics card RMA today it was giving black screens on every game after 10mins of gameplay. The zotac guy said i wont get a new 560ti card but a 650ti card. I asked him for a better card and he said 10k more for a 660ti. Is there any other card that i can replace 560 with since...
  3. V

    Cpu which will not bottleneck my 560ti hawk

    I'm considering i3 3210 & g2010. Comparitively i3 3210 is twice the price of g2010 & i knw it'll be more than sufficient for my 560ti hawk. But will g2010 will do the job?how much it'll bottleneck my 560ti hawk,if not much then i may go for g2010!plz suggest!my priority is gaming! & for...
  4. iittopper

    20 fps only with 560ti :(

    I am facing this issue from past 1 week . Almost in every game my fps goes down from 60-70 to 20-25 . but as soon as i reinstall my graphic driver , fps again become normal but only for short time . Then i have to reinstall my driver again and again :( . I am using nvidia beta driver 314.22...
  5. V

    psu query

    i have a doubt whether the seasonic s12 430watt psu will be able to handle(which has 1(6pin) & 1(6+2)pin) the following configuration- 1)intel pentium g645. 2)gigabyte gah61m mobo. 3)1 stick of 2gb ddr3(1333mhz). 4)wd caviar blue(7200rpm) 500gb hdd. 5)lg dvdrw. & 6)msi gtx 560ti hawk...
  6. yash2006

    [Want to Buy] GTX 560Ti or HD 6970

    Hi friends I want to buy a used GPU like 560ti, 480,6950,6970,5970,5950,etc..if anyone want to sell, let me know through pm..
  7. sudhir_3193

    msi 560ti hawk or asus 650ti oc

    hey friends kindly suggest me a good gpu under 11k. I am getting msi 560ti hawk edition for 11k second hand. Or shall i go for brand new asus 650ti OC edition.
  8. N

    can this is future prof for 2 to 4 yrs

    my conifig pro - amd fx 8350 hdd - segate 500gb ram - 4x2 gb 1333mhz mobo - asus m5a88-m mouse & key - logitech k200 dvd - asus 24x psu - corsair 430 v2 monitor - samsung s2obboob gpu - amd radeon hd 7850 2gb / zotac gtx 560ti (confuse about gpu 560ti is older so its price is low and...
  9. H

    GTX 560ti 1Gb gddr5 compatibility

    Hi all i am new to the forum, so if this isn't the correct place to post this then please bear with me. I am having core2quad q8400 @ 2.6 Ghz and i am looking to buy new graphics card (560ti 1gb gddr5). I was wondering if it will fit on the motherboard without any difficulties? Also i am...
  10. S

    does zotac india provide gpu upgrade options

    hi all,I have zotac gtx460 1gb bought 2 yrs back now its almost EOL,so I was thinking of upgrading it to 560ti or 660ti.Can I contact zotac & ask for upgrade with some extra amount?
  11. S

    6870 or 560ti or 7850

    1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans: Seasonic SS 750JS WATTS 2. What is your budget? Ans: 10 K to 15 K 3. Which resolution will you game at? Ans: :-x No idea about resolution 4. What are your current computer specifications? Ans...
  12. iittopper

    560Ti dvi to vga nOt working

    my monitor only has1 vga port and 1 white coloured 25 pin dvi port (i think its dvi-d) . and my gpu 560ti has 2 dvi port with 29 pIn . bought dvi to vga converter having 15 pin on one end and 25 pin on other . put it in gpu dvi slot and use vga to vga wire . when i on my monitor its shows check...
  13. S

    Graphi Card

    Hi, Can anyone tell me which one is the best Graphic Card from the below options. GTX 560Ti or GTX 590.... please let me depending upon the response I will take the card.
  14. dibya_kol

    looking for 560ti 448 core ..

    hi guys, I am planning to update my gpu, now using amd 5770. And planning to jump to nvidia's 560ti 448 core. So can someone tell me, what it's price and from where i can get it ? Thanks in advancd .. :)
  15. D

    Confused between Bulldozer and Llano

    I am assembling a new comp soon and I was suggested Phenom II X4 960, however when I ordered from a local supplier he said phenoms are getting lesser in the market, hence I decided to do some homework. Bulldozer platform gives much better overclocking headroom and Llano is good at graphics with...
  16. xynidexxx

    Help in getting a new rig 50k max

    Hey folks, firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR :) to all and that being said it's high time i change my already graying system.Though its a rough time for us geeks as $ is on its high, i am very much unsure and skeptical about it stabilizing any sooner:? I plan on buying these as of now with a budget of...
  17. V

    Gtx 560ti BSoD problem ...

    Hey guys... I bought my MSI 560ti TwinFrozr II this week and its giving me the BSoD problem on windows 7 start up .... I doesn`t happen always just once in two attempts to login also when comp is idle at login screen .... Games run fine although if left idle they too give BSoD ... I...
  18. masterkd

    Graphics card purchase help

    I am planning to buy a graphics card within this week preferably 560Ti Hawk (available @14.0k+tax) or 6950 TF3 PE But the situation is 6950 TF3 is not available here but 6950 toxic is available @16.5k+tax I was inclined to TF3 because of great cooling Moreover Sapphire's warraty is 2 yrs...
  19. xynidexxx

    gtx 560ti compatible power supply

    Hello guys, i have bought the ASUS GTX 560Ti dcII TOP edition card from the USA and its en-route(please don't ask why i bought it from the us).I have a fairly old system comprising of intel C2D e7200, a 945 mobo, 4 gigs of ddr2:lol:ram modules and antec cabinet having 400w of inefficient...
  20. T

    Where to buy this motherboard?

    Hello guys, I need to purchase a new mobo , namely the Gigabyte GA-EP41-UD3L . I live in Chennai , and I don't have a clue where it's being sold. Being a LGA 775 socket-based mobo , it seems to be a bit hard to find. Important : Since my GTX 560Ti takes up two slots , will it fit comfortably...
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