1. H

    IS 1600Mhz 8GB DDR3 "MUCH MUCH" better than 400Mhz DDR2 8GB - BUT FOR ME THE COST FACTOR

    IS 1600Mhz 8GB DDR3 ram - much much better than a 400Mhz DDR2 8gb ram ? I want to get more memory. I have a AMD X4 630 right now with 3GB DDR2 @400MHZ. I could buy the ddr3 but for that i will have to leave this system at all and just buy a new whole system - around minimum Rs 17,000 for...
  2. A

    Dynet 1GB DDR1 400MHz RAM

    Selling Dynet 1GB DDR1 400MHz RAM Working like a charm. Brought on 25-05-2010 2 yrs local warranty. No bill. Asking price: SOLD
  3. harishgayatri

    1GB DDR RAM 400Mhz Prices

    Please give the prices for 1GB DDR 400Mhz Ram I live in Mumbai. Thanks in Advance harishgayatri
  4. M

    DDR 400MHz RAM 1GB/512MB

    I have spare DDR RAM, in case somebody wants them: 1GB Hynix chips 400MHz Rs 1200+shipping 4x 512MB Transcend 400MHz 500+shipping each (Have lifetime warranty stickers) Location: Bangalore , can send anywhere.
  5. S

    1GB/512MB DDR SD RAM for SALE

    I am selling these products.... 1. Dynet 512MB DDR SD RAM == 500/- Frequency = 400Mhz (2 years Warranty) 2. Dynet 1GB DDR SD RAM == 1000/- Frequency = 400Mhz (3 years Warranty) Shipping cost included no extra cost.... If any one interested...
  6. MetalheadGautham

    unetbootin does not work

    On windows. With ubuntu 8.04, mandriva 2009 and puppy. But it works with SliTaz. Intel D915GLVG mobo, P4 2.66GHz Prescott, 256MB DDR 400MHz RAM. Transcend JetFlash V30 2GB Pendrive formatted with FAT16 file system. WHY ?
  7. X

    FS :- P4 Desktop Rig

    FS :- P4 Desktop Rig (revised Prices) PRICES REVISED Here's my P4 Rig for sale Processor ------ P4 3.0 HT (478 Pin) ------ No Warranty ------- price (1.7k) Mobo ------ ASUS P4C 800 E-DELUX Intel 875P ------ No Warranty ------- price (5K) *RAM 1 ------ 1GB Kingston DDR1 400Mhz RAM...
  8. M

    915GAV INTEL original motherboard+2*512MB PC3200 400MHz RAM+17'' + 3GHz 2MBL2

    following for sale... 915 GAV INTEL Original Mother Board 800MHz FSB 3.0 GHz Intel processor, 2MB L2 cache 512MB * 2 DDR RAM PC3200 400MHz 17'' Samsung CRT Monitor, 193S not in a mood to sell the hard disk (pata, as no one would prefer to buy it now-a-days... ;))... but if preferred at...
  9. gauravakaasid

    New 256mb 333Mhz ram....

    Guys, where do i get hold of one in Kolkata? everywhere i see, only 400Mhz are available. Please help me out :(
  10. phreak0ut

    Is it the problem of RAM?

    I bought a 512MB DDR 400Mhz RAM. So, I now have 2x512MB RAM @ 400Mhz, but during the boot, the BIOS shows as 333MHz when running on dual-channel. Running the system on individual module shows as 400MHz. I've got 4 slots on my motherboard and tried all the combinations, but when running on...
  11. nvidia

    FX5200,512MB DDR1 Ram, AMD 2000+ Procy for sale

    Hi, I have the following stuff for sale: 1. Nvidia Geforce FX5200 128MB 2. 256MB DDR 1 RAM @ 266Mhz 3. 256MB DDR 1 RAM @ 400Mhz 4. AMD Athlon 2000+ Processor Only the 256MB 400Mhz Ram is under warranty. Interseted people please reply.:D
  12. abhijit_reddevil

    DDR3 RAM around the corner

    Source: http://www.tomshardware.com/2007/08/30/the_new_arms_race_ddr3-1800_ram/ Frequency will be close to 2Ghz. I am still using DDR RAM with 400Mhz speed.:(:o
  13. praka123

    DDR 256MB>DDR 333Mhz+DDR 400Mhz means motherboard gone!!!?

    this is a story three weeks before: I got a gigabyte 915GV board and used a zion make new DDR 256MB 400Mhz RAM.now i got a replacement RAM pc2700 or 333MHz Kingsmax ram of 256MB. i installed both and checked bios for ram speed and it showed 333Mhz and am satisfied.but after next boot the system...
  14. antoniobc

    Upgrade required

    No budget as such. Am intending on ugrading just RAM, HDD. Current Mboard is GA865GME-775 http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=2223 RAM:512 DDR 400Mhz HDD: IDE 40GB Processor: Celeron D 3.0Ghz with EM64T
  15. P

    Intel 845GVSR Motherboard Problem

    Hi folks out there!! This is my first post in the Digit Forum.. May I know whether there is any means for using a 400MHz 512MB RAM in Intel 845GVSR motherboard?? ( The board specs say it supports 333/266/200MHz RAMs only).. The board does not even boot into BIOS menu if a 400MHz RAM...
  16. S

    Dynet DDR ram 512Mb 400mhz

    Dynet DDR ram 512Mb 400mhz (1 year old) 2years warranty still left. Anybody interested from BANGALORE ONLY Ram price:1200/- (fixed)
  17. A

    I need quick replies

    Hi, I am planning to sell my computer and get a new laptop so quote the prices ppl MSI K8MVV mb (64 bit) 80GB SATA HDD 512MB DDR RAM Sempron 2800+ processsor (64-bit) 400Mhz SMPS pinnacle TV tuner 110i seconds sony monitor and cabinet about a year old
  18. r4gs

    Power supply for 7900GS

    Hi, My uncle offered to get me a 7900GS when he comes back (in abt a week) from Singapore. Problem is that I have a 300W smps (19A 12V rail). The PC is an HP one so I know it is reliable but is the power enough for such a card? The PC config is P4- 630 (3 GHz, 800MHz FSB) 2x512mb GB DDR...
  19. sarath_ck

    DDR ram for sale

    Actually its not mine, its a friends'..... wel he's got dis 512 mb ram with him dat he bought jus 6 months back... its 400mhz, n i quote Rs 1200 for it..... its never been used actually n if der is any problem with it, i'l refund it....
  20. V

    How much a RAM will cost

    I am looking forward to buy a new 512MB RAM 266 MHz so that it can work with my existing 128MB RAM.I asked my dealer he said that 512MB RAM 400MHz will cost me around Rs.3300 & a 512MB RAM 266Mhz will cost me around Rs.3500.Is it true that RAM prices are on a high ,please confirm b'coz it is...
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