1. papul1993

    Good and not too expensive VoLTE supporting phone

    Hi, I would like to buy a good phone for my mom that supports VoLTE. My only requirments(besides VoLTE) are good battery life and atleast 1GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. How are the lyf phones btw?
  2. deadnoun

    How to back up MC 5 blackout.

    I have downloaded and playing modern combat. I need to transfer the game to my tab too. I don't need to download again, Because its around 1GB. I tried ShareIt but the game is only transferring not the additional downloads. Please show me some way. Thanks in advance.
  3. N

    Need to buy new PSU + Motherboard

    Hello guys, My motherboard & PSU is dead. Please suggest some good motherboard & PSU for following PC components i already have. It should also fit in my CM 430 cabinet It should have on-board GPU Not going to overclock anything. CPU: Core-i5 2400 Cabinet: CM 430 GPU: ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX...
  4. pra_2006

    Asus Radeon HD 5670 1GB DDR5 for 2,500

    - Gigantic 1GB GDDR5 delivers incredible gaming performance - ASUS exclusive Dust-Proof Fan: dissipate heat efficiently while expending lifespan by 25%. - GPU Guard: Doubles structural reinforcement. Cracks free! - Fuse Protection technology: Delivers double the over-current protection for...
  5. mikael_schiffer

    Rs 12-13k Upgrade (CPU+Motherboard+GPU)

    I am currently using: Intel E5200 2.5 Ghz 2GB DDR2 RAM Xfx G41 Motherboard Xfx Ati Radeon HD 4670 1GB DDR3 My current PSU is a generic one, no brand. The PC was assembled by someone around 5 years ago. SO there is no way i can inquire about the make and rating of the PSU. I will be upgrading...
  6. Flash

    World’s fastest 43Tbps Internet connection can let you download 1GB in 0.2 milliseconds

    World’s fastest 43Tbps Internet connection can let you download 1GB in 0.2 milliseconds - Tech2 This makes it about a 1000 times faster than Google Fiber which tops at a speed of 1000mbits/second.
  7. T

    How much to pay for used 560Ti Hawk 1GB GPU with 1 month warranty?

    How much can I pay for used MSI 560Ti Hawk 1GB GPU with 1 month warranty? Purpose:I need a GPU to play some new games in moderate settings without lag.
  8. P

    catalyst control center cannot be started

    i bought new PC and my config is g2020 - 3.3k gigabyte h61m s1 -3.1k kingston hyperx blu 4gb - 2.8k r7 240 1gb ddr5-5.1k after installing "r7 240 1gb ddr5 (sapphire)" CD . when i click for graphics (Catalyst control center) getting error message as:- "catalyst control center cannot...
  9. happy17292

    [For Sale] XFX Radeon HD6770 1GB GDDR5

    Sold @ ebay
  10. W

    Buying HTC One X+

    I am planning to buy a new android phone to replace my Xolo A500s and came over to HTC one X+ on ebay with one year seller warrenty. It will cost me around 19,500 INR. link:- HTC One X+ Plus 64GB 1.7GHz Quad Core - 8mp CAM - 1GB RAM - 4.7" Inch HD | eBay Please suggest that will it be a wise...
  11. T

    Which is the Best graphics card under rs 6.7K?

    Hello TDF,i want to buy graphics card for my little brother.I decided to buy an HD 6670 DDR5 1GB,but my brother says he wants 2gb,i tried to make him understand that he wont get 2gb DDR5 at such price,but he don't understand.And since his PC config is old,anything above an HD 6670 will...
  12. T

    [Want to Buy] Price for used Sapphire HD 6870 1GB

    I didn't find any relevant forum to post this. I want to sell my used Sapphire HD 6870 1GB on ebay. What do you think would be a reasonable price? It's working perfectly well. I have everything including the box in which it came. Been using for 1.5years. Never sold anything before.I'm...
  13. 7shivam9

    Graphics Card Under 5k

    Hello Guys...last time I made a Terrible mistake... Bought a gt610 instead of gt620 ...because of lack of knowledge :3 This time i dont want to make any mistake .. Here are few Cards i have Found online.. 1)PowerColor AMD/ATI Radeon HD5570 1 GB DDR3 Price is 3488 : Sadly Flipkart is...
  14. S

    Will a GTX 650 / 650 Ti 2GB get bottlenecked by this i5 based system or will I get the 1 GB version

    HiI have in my mind a rough setup of a rig for moderate gaming and mainly for Web Surfing /multimedia videos /music watching /Ms office work.I5-3570( NON-K) OR I5 3470 ( Any other i5 3rd gen;i7 too expensive)ASUS B75 chipset motherboard ( do not wish to overclock at all and so a cheap average...
  15. A

    What about Laptop GPUs?

    Hello friends. I didnt find any separate thread for asking about Laptop GPUs which are really confusing to deal with. I want to buy 45K range gami8ng Lappy. I have came across Lenovo,Hp and Sony laptops. Now, The sony laptops provides i5- 3337U processors but 1GB GPU(GT 740M-DDR3) that with...
  16. bssunilreddy

    Is Asus HD7770 1GB is sufficient to run GTA5 in medium to high settings?

    Hai guys, I want to know whether Asus HD7770 1GB is sufficient enough to run GTA5 in medium to high settings without any crashes and having any FPS hit. I mean low FPS while playing it. Any suggestions as to which GPU is best under 12k and if 2GB versions are needed or not. I am thinking of...
  17. Chetan1991

    Best 3G plans?

    Hey everyone. Can someone post a link about some site where one can find all 3G plans offered by major operators all over India? I'm from Shimla and the 1GB for Rs 250 charged here by Idea is exorbitant. BSNL has just launched 1GB for Rs. 125 plan but their speed might not be great. So I'm...
  18. R

    Suggest laptop upto 70K

    Hello guys, the minimum configuration for laptop is as follow: Processor: Intel Core i5 or i7 Screen: 15.6 inch Resolution: 1920x1080 Battery life: 4 Hrs or more Graphics: Nvidia 1GB Other Priorities: Subwoofer, Curved keys design Thank you all in advance.
  19. A

    Android with 1GB Ram minimum?and 512mb ram?

    Hello ##As the title suggest i need android with 1gb ram minimum cost.I have found Karbonn s1 titanium..Is this phone good?Or please suggest me another. My budget is very tight.And also tell me that ##Whether 512mb ram is ok for running HD games?I have seen many videos on youtube of 512mb ram...
  20. Harsh Pranami

    Need gaming laptop 50-55k

    I've finalised these two Lenovo Ideapad Z500 (59-380463) Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph) - Lenovo: Flipkart.com Lenovo Ideapad Z500 (59-380480) Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ 1GB Graph) - Lenovo: Flipkart.com First question: Are there any better options than these two...
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