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  1. X

    Cannot access from Binatone Wifi Router

    Here are my CMD ipconfig messages I was able to access earlier but I cant do that now. Looking forward to replies.
  2. B

    Not able to open modem's login page

    Hi Friends, I am not able to open the login page of my modem TP-Link W8951ND since the past few days. I have tried via several devices(all wireless though, not able to try via a lan cable as of now) and I get this- The connection has timed out The server at is taking too long...
  3. S

    Please help me to configure Netis modem for BSNL Broadband.

    Hello. I subscribed for the BSNL 800 plan last week. But I am unable to configure my modem+router for accessing the internet. This is my modem...
  4. D

    iball router wireless connectivity problem

    I am having iball 150M ADSL router I have been using this router for past one year without any problems. Recently I noticed I can browse the internet via this router using a lan wire. When connected wirelessly the router is unable to connect to internet. When I boot any computer or bring a...
  5. omega44-xt

    Cannot connect to WiFi of my router

    I have a BSNL teracom modem. I have configured its wifi using I'm unable to connect to Wifi....... Any solution?
  6. dashing.sujay

    Virus attack?

    I'm facing this sometimes- I scanned my computer and lappi with fully updated ESET, and no viruses are there. What could it be? Though there are more lappis connected through wifi, its saying attack is from, so I didn't check others. But I don't think there would be...
  7. Faun

    Traceroute google.com and post result

    I am getting 12 hops, here Location: Pune ISP: BSNL Plan: 750UL
  8. A

    Internet disconnection problem

    I have a Siemens SL2_141 modem and a BSNL broadband connection. My modem is configured in PPPoE mode(the BSNL account username and password are stored in the modem.) So after I turn on my modem and the DSL light stabilises, I can surf. I do not have to dial anything. From yesterday, 5 mins...
  9. T

    Modem and Router help

    Hi friends, My cousin bro came and fiddled with the modem (smartx 882) and router. He disabled the dhcp server option from both the config settings. Now when I an trying to open it is not even responding, nothing is opening. Any idea why this is happening or how do I access the...
  10. S

    cant open

    hello , i have dataone bb . 256kbps . 900+ UL plan . .i have a utstartcom wa 3001 ( something like that ) router . i am able to open all websites , download via torrents and also forward port but cant open . firefox says " the connection to the server was reset " . the same is...
  11. hansraj

    unable to connect

    guys i hve been told that to access the default settings of my bsnl broadband WA3002G4 modem i have to type But iam unable to connect to this id 1. i have been trying this on my IE 7 2. I have checked with internet connected and disconnected. 3. i have already checked the Default...
  12. Dink2cool site not working

    help me out guys ... i've a bsnl broadband is working fine but i cant open the site ... this site is used for configuring router ...what could be the problem ... plz help !!!
  13. techtronic

    Dataone HUAWEI Modem Problem

    I use HUAWEI SmartAX MT880 modem. My broadband is configured as an autodial when i boot my pc as PPPoE using my username and password and IP to be provided by DHCP from to range with lease period of 1 day. But when i configure my WAN setting as RFC2684 Bridged (Pure...
  14. S

    Automatic Enter

    Sorry for the topic, cudnt think of anything else. Ok i want to start my MTNL triB connection(broadband) automatically, otherwise i have to open FF, open and then press enter. Is there anyway i can automate this process?? I already know this: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla...
  15. S

    connect laptop and desktop using ethernet

    how do i connect my laptop and my desktop using ethernet? i have a crossover cable and both computers have network adapters installed. i set the laptop's (host) IP settings as : ip - subnet - default gateway - the desktop's setting's were...
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