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  1. ithehappy

    DVD writing speed makes no difference! Why? Solution?

    I use Nero Burning ROM 10, it never gave me any problems but I see that if I change and up the speed to 16X for writing it makes no difference than 8X speed, both take ~ 8 mins. However when starting at 16X it does show 5 minutes but in reality it takes 8 mins. I generally write dvds at 8X but...
  2. bhushanm

    Lite-On SOHW-1653S 16x DVD±RW IDE Drive

    Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra. Would prefer buyer pick up and pay. Will meet at Ghatkopar or Chembur railway station if it is more convenient. In case you want to have it couriered, you pay for packaging + shipping extra. Description: Lite-On SOHW-1653S 16x DVD±RW IDE Drive. Comes with IDE...
  3. sriharsha_madineni

    Is my writer burning correctly??

    I randomly checked a few DVD's burned on my writer Moser Baer DH-20A4P and few burned on several writers. This is what I got in Nero Disc Speed 5 and the media is National 16X results were similar with a Sony 16X dvd burned with my writer and same for DVD's burned with other writers as...
  4. S


    How to identify whether my PCI device is PCI Express 16x or PCI Express 16x 2.0?
  5. Plasma_Snake

    MSI's LGA1156 based i5 board leaked

    Check out the link. Board has Tri-SLi or Crossfire, whatever u wanna do and all on 16x buses! :razz: But LGA1156 :-x Different board for every different processor. i7- LGA 1366, i5-LGA-1156
  6. P

    Need a little help with graphic card choice

    Im sorry if im posting something thats been answered on another thread. Too many posts to sift through. I need some help in choosing the right graphic card for my system and budget. My budget is Rs.6000 My system config: Asus M2NPV VM motherboard with pci e 16x (thats 1.0 i think)...
  7. M

    help please..............

    friends, thank you for reading my query:-). i have a few questions:p. 1.... very soon i am going to buy a new pc. my personal fevourite is msi p45 platium. it has two pci exp slots. now i have heard that the two slots are actually 8x instead of 16x, so if i plan to install one graphics card...
  8. rockthegod

    My First Experience With Blu Ray and HD Movies !!!

    Well, I wanted to buy a PS3 but the games are just way too much expensive. I already have a PC which is more than powerful to decode HD content fluidly !!! What I needed was a 1080p capable HDTV, a very good sound card (optional) and a Blu Ray drive for the PC but they still are quite expensive...
  9. gsmsikar

    dvd writing speed is very slow...

    i have a problem when i write DVD's in my system, it takes more then 40 minutes to write a full data DVD @ 16x speed with NERO , why does this happens ? please reply.. thanks
  10. M

    Help needed!

    Hi, i just bought a HD4870 and a gigabyte 790gx motherboard.Which slot should i insert the graphics card in-the 8x or the 16x.Which is the 8x and 16x slot? Thanks
  11. official

    WANT NEW GRAPHICS PCIEX CARD(pls reply at the earliest)

    I have the following rig- processor- AMDX2 4200+ mobo- zebmcp61 ... 16x pciex ram- 2 gb psu-450w plz suggest me good gpu... my budget is 13000/- ...
  12. official

    wa prexnt new graphics card,,suggest me

    want new pciex graphics card,,suggest me at earliest!!! frens i have the following rig: amdx2 4200 processor, 2 gb ram, zebronics mcp61 motherboard ....with 16x pci xpress 450 watts powersupply my budget is 13000 please suggest me at the earliest/// please mention the prices also
  13. V

    The Fastest DVD Writer is here

    Samsung launched the new Super-WriteMaster™ SH-S203N DVD Writer which they claim to be the fastest DVD Writer ever. It is a 20X SATA DVD Writer that is capable of 16X Dual-Layer DVD Recording while the industry standard is 10x to 12x. This DVD Writer also features LightScribe Technology which is...
  14. ashstud_83

    Power req 4 the given config.

    hey guys,i just assembled a system..the config's given below...let me know the power rating of the SMPS i shud get 4 this rig...the min. required for it 2 run smoothly...thanx... Intel Core2Duo@3.14Ghz Intel 945GCCR M/B nvidia 8600GT 'Fatality' Edition(256MB) 2Gb DDR2 RAM(533Mhz)-Hynix 160GB...
  15. A

    Samsung Sucks...help me !!

    Hey, i have a Samsung 18x DVD Writer, n hell, it takes around and hour to burn a 16x DVD. wot am i supposed to do? plz help me folks!!
  16. A

    dvd writin takes 45 min @ 16X.. pls help

    hey guys i hav dis samsung dvd writer... samsung R/RW .. n wen i write dvd's it shws its writin @ 16X but the dvd takes a total of 45 min to burn.. y is dis happenin.. ? @ my frrnds plce we tried burnin the sme thng on a moser baer dvd .. v burnt it @ 16X n his gt completed in 15 min max.. ( v...
  17. G

    M2AVM-HDMI need experts opinion

    i read about the asus M2AVM-HDMI chipset for AMD. got a few doubts 1. Since i'm going to buy TFT monitor (17"), will HDMI make a difference compared to non HDMI motherboard? 2. It is written in reviews that one HDMI card is bundled withthe package? Is it available in bangalore? 3.They have...
  18. M

    suggestion for new system

    My budget is 15-17K i want mobo supporting C2D, DDR2, PCIe 16x, and on-board display too. a proccessor, HDD and DDR2. pls. give me suggestion
  19. J

    Selling my p4 2.4 ghz....

    Hi Guys heres my unit up for sale. Processor - P4 2.4ghz Motherboard - Intel Original 845PEBT2 check specs.. http://developer.intel.com/design/mo.../bt2/index.htm RAM - 512MB 2X256 RAM( spectek gives Superb performance) AGP - 64 MB Ati Radeon (performs with games req.128 160 GB...
  20. R

    Suggest if this is a good choice..

    Hi after some newbie investigation on the internet i have finalised "LiteOn SHM 165P6S (NON Litescibe) Super allwrite Burner" Speed DVD Family : Write DVD+R 16x maximum by CAV DVD+R9 8x maximum by Zone CLV DVD-R 16x maximum by CAV DVD-R9 4x maximum by CLV DVD-RAM 5X maximum by PCAV...
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