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  1. A

    Best 64 GB Micro SD Card?

    Looking forward to buy one. Which company should i go for? Should be reasonably priced. (Around 1.5k) Confused over these two memory cards...
  2. M

    Need headphones/earphones under 1.5k

    I want to urgently replace my current jbl headphones which unfortunately got damaged and broke :/ My budget is 1.5k and I am a bass lover. Headphones or earphones dont really matter. Higher impedence sets are fine as ill play on my Fiio X1, though i doubt there will be higher ones in my low...
  3. V

    headphone with microphone - max 1.5k

    Hello Friends, I need to purchase a headphone with microphone. My only use is skype chat. I would prefer over the ear and over the head models (I hope I mentioned it correctly being a novice :-)). My only concern is that they should be highly durable. Max I can spend is 1.5K (cheaper the...
  4. S

    Earphones withing 1.5k

    Hi Guys, I would like to get a good earphone for my 1+1... nothing flashy just for casual music listening(something which is not bass heavy). I am up for over the head headphones as well but comfort is necessary for longer use in both the cases. Please suggest within a budget of 1.5k.
  5. $hadow

    need IEM for normal usage.

    Hey guys what's up? As the tittle say I am in the market for a new earphone. Saw a few but don't have much knowledge regarding audio gears. So my budget is around 1to 1.5k. I saw tekfusion ones on Flipkart for around 900 are they good? Hoping for some early responses. Thanks you guys.
  6. S

    Need new headphones under 1.5k

    Hey all! My first post in the audio section, so pardon me if I don't give enough info :) Before anything else, can anyone please explain the diff between ear bud and iems?? Am very confused As the title suggests I need a pair of headphones/iems/earbuds under 1.5k Uses : Gaming, movies...
  7. Zangetsu

    Need a Webcam

    Hi Guys, suggest some good budget webcams with 1k to 1.5k 8-)
  8. ratul

    [URGENT] Need a Dongle.

    Budget: 1.5K Which is the best dongle in that price range?
  9. Mr.Kickass

    [Buying Advice] Need an IEM under 1.5k

    I cannot believe I'm asking this but unfortunately I lost my trusty pair of phones which costed 1.5k. I couldn't find the box but a quick search leads me to this. I think this was exactly the pair that I had bought sometime ago. Philips SHE9700 Headphone Now that you know where I'm coming...
  10. J

    Modem+Router for 1.5k

    I need an ADSL2+ modem+router for a BSNL broadband connection. The device should be easy to configure(this is the main requirement) and must be reliable. Budget,as mentioned,is 1.5k and cannot extend more. Please help me out with suggestions as I need to buy it tomorrow.
  11. Mainak23

    Earphones Under 1.5K for HTC Droid Dna

    Hi Guys.. I want to buy a Earphone for HTC Droid Dna under 1.5k.. Kindly Suggest me some options.. My Basic requirements are clarity & Balanced sound.. Here are some options i am thinking about 1. Tekfusion Twinwoofers 2. Sound Magic PL11 or ES 18 Mic option is not must...
  12. P

    Need IEMs - Budget 1.5K

    Hello, I am looking to buy IEMs since my Sony MDR-EX10 died after 15 months of use. I listen to rock and metal. I am looking for good detail and sound clarity. (No overwhelming Bass). Please suggest a suitable set of IEMs for around 1.5K. Thanks!
  13. sharang.d

    Best 32 GB Class 10 Micro SD Card?

    Looking forward to buying one for an Android phone. Is a class 10 even supported? Which company should I go for? Should be reasonably priced. (Around 1.5k I guess?)
  14. powerstarprince

    Need to build PC in 25k

    Hello guys, i don't have to answer any questionaire for it's not the first time i'm gonna try this. But to be short i need to get all the components to build a PC in 25k.. Except for the keyboard, mouse and speakers i'll be buying all the other components. I have researched for sometime and...
  15. rohanz

    Ear phones (1.5k)

    Hello guys, I want to buy in-ear headphones. My budget is 1.5k final. No preference to any brand. I love dubstep but listen to other genres too, so the headphones should be able to play diverse genres.
  16. Vintech009

    Best BB Connection In Bangalore E-City

    Hi all. I stay in Bangalore Electronic City and in need of Bb connnection. 1. The bb should be unlimited 2. Speed should be above 2mbps. My budget is 1.5k to 3k. I heard lot about ACT BB so does it offers connectivity in our area. Regards
  17. funskar

    New wifi router under 1.5k

    I need a wifi router for my home under 1.5k .. I have listed out these two :- Netgear JNR1010 TP Link TL-WR740N
  18. S

    inear headphones under 1.5k

    Please suggest any good inear headphones for Htc Desire X under 1.5k mostly for music.I have seen some headphones which Are not supported by HTC.
  19. A

    Want IEMs within 1.5k

    Guys, I'm looking for budget iem's within 1.5k, first preference would be good bass , had twinwoofers in mind.. How are they? Also I want to buy online since locally most brands aren't available here.
  20. S

    Need IEM with MIC around 1.5K

    Hi all, Need your help in suggesting me an IEM with MIC around 1.5K. Thanks
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