1. D

    Korean Monitor Chaos

    Hi, I ordered a monitor from Korea following this thread. *www.techenclave.com/community/threads/300-27-wqhd-monitor-from-ebay.173865/ I received a call from DHL that the shipment have arrived in Mumbai and I need to appoint an external clearing house agent with the necessary...
  2. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] HD7950 for 13k

    Hai, I want to buy any HD7950 for 13k with 1year warranty left.
  3. Zangetsu

    Iberry Auxus: Cheapest Octacore Phone

    The cheapest octa-core phone in the market @13k specs are good for a 13k phone *tech.firstpost.com/news-analysis/first-look-iberry-auxus-nuclea-x-the-cheapest-octa-core-android-smartphone-yet-223527.html Specs: *www.fonearena.com/iberry-auxus-nuclea-x_5160.html
  4. D

    Need tablet/Smartphone 13k budget

    Dear all I'm on holiday in india.. need to buy a phablet under 13k im looking for these features 1) good camera front/rear 2) min of 8 GB internal mem + Expandable 3) dual core processor min or intel clover trail plus z series 4) android/windows OS plz suggest thank in advance.
  5. izzikio_rage

    MotoG or better in same price range

    Hi guys Am planning to buy a MotoG this month. Is this a good purchase or are there some other phones i should be considering? My budget is about 13k
  6. deepak_ds

    Wanna buy a new cellphone

    Suggest an android phone with pretty good camera (with flash) within 13k. The phone shouldn't have lagging issues
  7. NexGen

    Need to buy Best Android under 13k for my Sister

    Hi Guys, First of all thanks to all those who helped me buy my LG Optimus L9. its truly an amazing device and i am in love with this phone. Now i need your help again. My sister wants to buy a new android within next one month. I would have loved to gift her a L9, but she wants to buy it...
  8. R

    Need cabinet for 12-13k

    Suggest me the best cabinet at this price point.Cable management,airflow,build quality,looks should be top notch.Can't extend my budget beyond 13k.
  9. S

    smartphone under 13k by feb 2013

    Am planning to buy a smartphone preferably android by feb 2013. I know its kinda too early to start searching but i guess theres no harm in doing so. Please suggest me good phone in the price bracket with good spec. My priorities are call clarity, build quality, music, internet, in that order...
  10. A

    Qwerty Phone range max 13000 INR

    Hei, am looking for a android phone got many options but got stuck for sony ericsson xperia mini pro. but as it is discontinued and even on online stores it is out of stock so i need another option for that... i have gone through samsung galaxy pro duos, htc chacha, samsung chat pro, lg...
  11. bhushan2k

    phone under 13k...defy+ or defy xt??

    hi guys...need phone for 13k...wil handle +2k if d cost is exceeding.. wanted to try wp8 anyhow since m big fan of windows phone UI n several plus factors over android n would always prefer it over android..bt 7.5 is not stable yet as having lot of limitations..n wp8 phones r not released yet n...
  12. A

    need a phone with better camera(AF+ LED flash)budget 13K INR

    need a android phone with better camera(AF+ LED flash)budget 13K INR i have choices like galaxy y duos (lacks flash) sony live with walkman ------ suggestions are invited help me get get a good phone with 1: nice camera 2: music 3:fast processor
  13. toad_frog09

    13K Android.

    This I am posting on behalf of a friend. 1. Budget - 13k 2. Display type and size - Anything BIG that fits in the budget and has minimum 180ppi Pixel Density. 3. Form Factor- Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand - None. 5. Preferred input method - Touch(Capacitive), The Buttons (if...
  14. T

    Best graphic card in 13k range

    Which is the best graphic card for gaming in <=13k ?
  15. nihu

    Android upto 13K

    Hi friends, I want to purchase Androide phone for watching Movies, must have 3G and WIFI,Capacitive touch screen.. Can you suggest me up to price range of 13K. I can purchase if advised to buy online or store whichever is good. Thanks..........:-?
  16. masterkd

    Need a phone within 13k!!

    1. Budget 13k 2. Display type and size?Capacitive Touch and screen as big as possible 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip?Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand?None 5. What camera option you want? no choice 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone etc). strictly android...
  17. webgenius

    HTC Desire HD for 13k

    Hi, I'm getting a 4 month old HTC Desire HD for 13k. Is it a good deal? The seller told that it has both GSM and WCDMA, so it can be used in India also. Can I use this in India? He is providing the device with full original accessories - 2x batteries, charger, earbuds and a nice...
  18. game-freak

    22 inch lcd suggestion

    hi frnds i will be buying a 22inch tv for ps3 my budget is max 13k plz suggest some good full HD tv
  19. ritvij

    very urgent : phone under 13k..

    guyzz.. i need a phone and my budget is 12000 (can be extended to 13k).. 1. Budget? 13k max 2. Display type and size? no preference 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? any brand except nokia or lg 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad...
  20. socrates

    Motorola Fire XT debuts in India; Gingerbread, 800 MHz processor, front cam for 13K

    After launching Motorola Fire, Motorola has released a slightly upgraded full-touch version Fire XT in the Indian market. It is now being sold for just INR 12,990. Motorola Fire XT debuts in India; Gingerbread, 800 MHz, front cam for 13K | AndroidOS.in
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