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phone under 13k...defy+ or defy xt??


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hi guys...need phone for 13k...wil handle +2k if d cost is exceeding..

wanted to try wp8 anyhow since m big fan of windows phone UI n several plus factors over android n would always prefer it over android..bt 7.5 is not stable yet as having lot of limitations..n wp8 phones r not released yet n d cost too will be too high at d time of launch..n old phone got damaged yesterday..so got to take new one...

within that budget..defy+ seems best buy...it will be very useful as a rugged since i go on treks a lot..

but confused in defy+ n defy xt...
gsmarena hasnt mentioned d chipset of xt properly...
one site is mentioning it has 1 ghz proccy (bt hvnt mentioned which one) and andreno 200 gpu which is d way too older...
n defy+ got cortex n powervr gpu...

so performance-wise which is better?? powervr sgx 530 or andreno 200?? n cortex a8 vr unknown 1 ghz??

also defy+ has got motoblur n xt got motoswitch..so which is better..tht wouldn't be an issue if i install custom rom n other laucher though.. :p

also...motorola is shutting down its operations in asia..so how about their service after shutting down d operations??

looking for neo v too..though not rugged, it has got several advantages over defy series...
bravia engine display...better outdoor visibility..
better camera...720p
ics in future...
better sound quality..

any other model??

availability of samsung rugby smart in apna des??
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XT have Qualcomm MSM7227A i.e. ARM Cortex A5 based whereas the Plus has Cortex A8 based proccy from Texas Instruments. And Switch or Blur both are same. just name charge and once you load a custom rom, it all boils down to hardware.


I was also in same condition, but postponed my plan as I have a small phone for now, and got the news that, MOTO is going to shut down its operation and it is not wise to buy a phone which will create a problem if it need a service. So i will buy a phone after some more research amd will increase my budget to 16k. Looking for HTC and SONY. Waiting for HTC Desire VT, if it cost around 15k, would be a good deal.
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the xperia u is good(if u dont mind limited storage).
i would advise avoiding the defys. if you are also comfortable with micromax, wait for some time and get the dual core version of the A90.


Yup, xperia seems good choice. 4 gb is more than enough+2gb for apps :)

If you have computer, memory should not be a problem at all.
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