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  1. The_Devil_Himself

    Please suggest a PSU

    I purchased a branded PC and later reliased that they have put only 250watt power supply in it.It has worked all right but now I am upgrading my machine so I will have to buy a new PSU. My specs now.: C2D processor e6300, Intel 946ghiz mobo, 512MB ddr2 ram@ 533mhz 80gb WD hdd My upgrade...
  2. C

    Netgear Wi-fi Router problem

    Hi Guys, I have Netgear WGR614v6 router for about a year and half.., Wifi was working fine until one day due to power surge the AC Adapter goes dead . Can anyone let me know where I can buy a reliable 12V 1.5 A (DC-Output) power supply in Delhi NCR region. ? I contacted Netgear India...
  3. T

    Peace abby and SMPS

    i want know the price of zebronics peace cabonet. does it has two side fans and one top fan? does it has a rear fan? also suggest me a good PSU with 12v rail featuring atleast 20 VA of 500 W-600 W thanx
  4. assasin

    Hp 250w Psu

    guys today i got to lay my hands on a 250W HP original psu (2nd hand).the vendor's charging me 300 for it.its specs r: +12V --- 14A +5V --- 25A +3.3V --- 18A -12V --- 0.8A +5VSB --- 2A Peak 2.5A +5V & +3.3V ---- 165W max +5V & +12V ---- 218W max its running well in my...
  5. siriusb

    Counsel for an SMPS

    I run my system on an xtech 350Watt smps. Now I want to change my graphics card from 6600gt to 7900gt. This smps I have supplies only 12A on the 12V rail, it seems. The nvidia site asks me to get a 500-600W smps with 30A on the 12V rail, while a review site (anandtech or pcstats?) says 20A on...
  6. maverickrohan

    The Adventures of my new 6600GT

    Well ... since I was getting bored with my 5 month old 6200, I decided to buy the Best AGP card I could get.... So I thought ... why not try for a 7600 ... i cheacked on the net ... there were no AGP versions .. but still I tried to hunt for it in the market ... but alas, to no avail... The...
  7. G

    Problem concerning PSU!!!

    Guys, I thank all of u out htere who'd helped me. But I do need ur help once again. Most of you have suggested that the 400W Powersafe psu wont match for the 3500+ and 7900GT combo. Fine. 1.But does that really imply I would be unable to run the rig fine on that power? 2.So far I...
  8. D

    Is this power suppy good enough?

    I have a VIP 400W PSU that shows the following numbers on the side. Will it be able to support a mid range video card properly? Look at config in siggy. +3.3V 28A +5V 30A +12V 20A My monitor takes power from the PSU. Does this power come from the total 400W that the PSU can provide or...
  9. Champ

    Calling all hardware tech - Need help

    Hi all i am a 2nd year cs engg studend and currently working on a project in which i need 5v & 12v supply As far as i know SMPS of Pc supplies 12V, 5V, & 3.3 V can anybody help me that how i cam use these supplies ie which port gives which type of supply thanks in advance
  10. M

    smps settings

    i having a prob....for which i thought my mobo was the culprit...but changing it thrice the prob remains as same.....now ppl saying that smps is the culprit.......... here r the settings of my smps...... d/c op:::350 W i/p 100-120v /7A 50-60hz 200-240v/3.5 a...
  11. T

    To 6800 GT/Ultra owners (reg SMPS)

    I am really pi**ed off with all the SMPSs I have been able to lay my hands on. I have tried out Mercury 350 Watts and Zebronics 500 Watts, but I am not too happy about their performance. The issue is with the voltage on the +12V line - it just doesn't stabilise. It keeps varying from 12.09 to...
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