1. bssunilreddy

    PSU Suggestion List -2017

    Hai Fellow TDF,(Brothers & Sisters) Here are some of the best PSU's which have impeccable Quality to Price ratio. It doesn’t matter how awesome your gaming PC is, if you pair it with a cheap PSU you’re asking for trouble. I’ve rated & reviewed 18 of the best gaming power supplies...
  2. S

    PSU for r9280x

    I have shortlisted two PSU for my r9280x build, I just wanted a second opinion on both of these. Antec VP650 which has 35a on 12v rails or, Seasonic eco 650W which has 46a on 12v rails. Build : R9280x 4x2 corsair venegance 1600 2 fans. 1 hdd 1tb fx 8120. So, which of these...
  3. truegenius

    12v dc (smps) to 15v 12A dc converter or 220v ac suply to 15v 12A dc adapter

    Hey there, i have bought 2 tec-12706 peltier cooling module to use in a cooling project previously i thought that i will use them with smps 12v rail but after some experiment i found that they are consuming 2.5A and 3A at 12v means much lower than their rated 6A ( tec12706 ) and thus cooling...
  4. H

    iball psy255????

    I wanna know how much watt is iball psy255???? The rail is +3.3v 15A +5v 15A +12V 18A +5VSB 2A -12V 0.8A How do come to know how many watt it is???????
  5. R

    SMPS suggestion

    My old FSP Saga II 500W smps died today, after working for 2 years 9 months kindly suggest new smps 1)System specification are Motherboard. : M5A97 R2.0 Processor : AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Monitor : Benq G2220HD 22 , Cabinet : COOLER MASTER Elite 310 Ram : CORSAIR (2+4+4)GB 240-Pin...
  6. X

    Help with external hdd power adapter

    Recently I have burnt down my Seagate 1 TB external's power adapter. It was out of warranty. The power output of the adapter is 12v DC 1500 uAMP. I have searched whole Kolkata but they all are offering 12v 2AMP. I have tried with one but it started 1st time I was able to see all the data, then...
  7. $ingh

    Antec BP300P First Impression

    Introduction Antec Inc., founded in 1986 and headquartered in California, are one of the leading producers of high-performance computer components for the PC builder and enthusiast. Antec offers a wide range of products including enclosures, power supplies, cooling solutions and computer...
  8. V

    psu query

    i have a doubt whether the seasonic s12 430watt psu will be able to handle(which has 1(6pin) & 1(6+2)pin) the following configuration- 1)intel pentium g645. 2)gigabyte gah61m mobo. 3)1 stick of 2gb ddr3(1333mhz). 4)wd caviar blue(7200rpm) 500gb hdd. 5)lg dvdrw. & 6)msi gtx 560ti hawk...
  9. sayan8

    What is the minimum amps reqiurd fr a HD 7750

    I hav a AMD 7750.So my frnd also willing to get it...But he is wondering what is the min amps required on 12v .... Please reply
  10. sysfilez

    BIOS>Power> 12v is showing 17.1v and in red :(

    BIOS>Power> 12v is showing 17.1v and in red :( Hi folks, Posting after a long time, my pc hanged on quite a last few occasions, when i reboot my pc it halts at this BIOS msg, refer to "img 1" and then after entering setup Power>Hardware Monitor> 12v is reading over 17v please...
  11. S

    gtx 550 ti and psu

    hi everyone this is my 1st post. I have a asus gtx 550 Ti card ,which according to nvidia specification needs 400 watt psu with 12v railing giving out 24A now i have a coolermaster extreme power supply 500w but its 12v railing gives out only 18 A . I cant go for another psu at this...
  12. R

    Intel DH67CL + Corsair GS600 : 2x2 12v missing ?

    Help ! First day of children's summer holidays. We are trying to build my PC. I'm using Intel DH67CL mobo and the Corsair GS600. I can't find the 2x2 12V power connector from the PSU. The Intel mobo says clearly that I can damage the board if I don't connect the 2x2 12V power supply...
  13. B

    Can Cooler master extreme power plus 600w support HD 6670,HD 6750,GTS 450?

    My spec: I5 2500k 4GB+4GB Transcend RAM Intel DH67BL Board Cooler master extreme power plus 600w I m on a plan to buy new graphic card probably HD 6670 or HD 6750 or GTS 450. Please correct me if i am going wrong some where? Max power required for 6670 is 65 watts and 6750 requires...
  14. A

    Radeon 6750HD... 300W psu enough?

    Hi friends, I have recently purchased an XFX Radeon 6750 1GB DDR5... I had my stock PSU which was from HCL.. it is running fine for past 3 years.. It has dual 12v rails with a mx output of 19A on 12v combined. So i was wondering if i cud use my card on it? Secondly my shopkeeper...
  15. S

    +12V voltages varying greatly with different software

    Hi everyone. i was checking the +12V readings of my system today. i was pretty surprised by the various data that i got from different softwares. e.g. hwmonitor(1.05) - 10.43 hwmonitor(1.12) - 8.25 everest(5.01) - 12.41 i checked with each software multiple times, got the same reading in...
  16. Neuron

    How to combine these PSUs?

    My system spec goes like this. Intel C2D E7500 @2.93GHz 4GB DDR2 RAM Asus EN9800GT GPU Seagate 250GB 5400 RPM HDD Sony DVDRW Drive Since i had no patience to wait to buy a better PSU from some remote PC harware store,I decided to buy a Coolermaster Elite 460W from a nearby shop and combine it...
  17. Faun

    Suggest something for Rs.60 from ebay

    I got 150off voucher on min 300 purchase. Already decided on 244 item Power Adaptor AC INPUT 100-240V DC OUTPUT 12V 1A For IN | eBay What should I get to make it around 300 ?
  18. Faun

    12V 1A 2.1mm Power Adapter

    My Linksys WAG120N Power Adapter seems to have died as it's not working on either of the ADSL routers I have. Only power LED glows intermittently in both ADSL router. I hope my WAG120N is not dead because connecting the power adapter to other ADSL router resulted in same symptoms but the other...
  19. happy17292

    3HDDs on local 450W SMPS ? 19A on +12V

    i bought 1TB WD caviar green today. but i am worried if its safe to install it as i have already installed 2 HDDs on my local smps. complete PC specs are : CPU : pentium dual core E5300 2.6GHz [running @ stock speed] RAM : 4GB DDR2 800MHz GPU : sparkle GT240 1GB DDR3 [stock speed] HDDs ...
  20. G

    Is following voltages correct for PSU ?

    Here is my voltages reading.. i have GS 600 PSu and i5 2500k processor in HWmonitor +12v showing 7.24v bt in bios as well as in HWinfo and AIDA64 it showing +12.6 Is that ok ?
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