1. H2O

    Best Microwave Around 10K Range

    Hello Guys. I am thinking of getting a new microwave oven. Can anyone please tell me what would be the best microwave around the 10K range? I can extend the budget by 1K more if needed. Thanks.
  2. S

    Need help for bellow 10K android.

    Want to buy android mobile bellow 10K, Lenovo A706,Panasonic T11, Lenovo S720 is my choice, Please tell me about them. Not interested in Indian brands.
  3. Jags

    Recommend a good 60GB SSD for laptop

    I believe all SSDs are 2.5" so that means they will fit well into the laptop's SATA port. I bought a SSD caddy so I will be replacing my optical drive with SSD. I dont have a specific budget in mind but I prefer a good value to price option. I can opt for a newer model even if it offers more...
  4. A

    motherboard cpu combo suggestion

    i am planning to purchase cpu+mobo and need suggestions from you guys.. primary use will be cuda programming, little games, rendering and photoshop stuff.. what i am currently looking is, i5 4670 3.4 GHz please suggest me a good h87 motherboard (someone suggested me intel zh87rl @7k), GPU...
  5. S

    560ti vs 650ti

    I got my 560ti graphics card RMA today it was giving black screens on every game after 10mins of gameplay. The zotac guy said i wont get a new 560ti card but a 650ti card. I asked him for a better card and he said 10k more for a 660ti. Is there any other card that i can replace 560 with since...
  6. Revolution

    Monitor for Gaming & Anime 10K

    Hi, I need of a good monitor for my bro. His 3 years old AOC F22 gone kaput recently. I already have Dell S2240L. Requirements 1. Full HD 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 2. IPS Panel (TN color don't look good) 3. Will be gaming on it so expecting it should have less response time. 4. Screen size...
  7. M

    Tablet under 10k

    Hello friends I have always used this forum for buying advice and the members have been super helpful. This time I am looking to buy a budget tablet (around 10k) for my mother so that she can play basic games (card games and all). The basic requirements are 1. Decent size screen (say 7-8 inch...
  8. S

    Smartphone under 10K

    Need a Smartphone under 10K for Dad Also suggest if saholic.com is trustworthy onliine dealer 1. Budget - 10K 2. Display type and size - not more than 5 Inch 3. Form Factor - Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand - Any 5. Preferred input method - Touchscreen. 6. What camera option you want -...
  9. K


    Want to buy a camera with good picture quality and nice LCD display(probably touch). Zoom doesn't matter. Budget: 7k to 10k (10k max.). I prefer brands like Sony, Nikon, Canon and Samsung. Friends please suggest a good one from these brands. Thanking you in anticipation :))
  10. C

    Need a smartphone under 10k for college use....

    So after almost one year of dissapointments, my Micromax a57 finally gave up on voice calls. so now I'm in market for a new phone, to be bought ASAP. So here is my preferences..... call quality- average. camera- don't care. would be nice if there's a secondary, but not at cost of...
  11. A

    Best smart phone within 10k

    Need to buy a smartphone within 10k. Please suggest some.
  12. G

    Budget Tab wanted Under 10k with calling facility

    Hi, I need to get a tab under 10k for my sister. 7 inch or more. The major requirement is Browsing, youtube, very mild games, Calling Feature. i came across this tab, but not sure. please advice
  13. jsjs

    Android mobile phone in 10k

    hello, i have been looking to buy an andy in around 10k. I can stretch my budget to a max 12k. I read about this Xperia M. Will it be in my price range? At the most I will wait till 15th of Jul. Waiting for your quick repl.
  14. V

    best ''print,copy and scan'' printer around 10k..plz suggest

    I am looking to get a new printer from these brands: HP, Canon, Brother(maybe epson) budget: 10k can be maxed upto 12k if perfect thing print estimate: 20 B/W pages per day(mostly text) and 10 color pages(mostly text) per month. plz suggest me if CISS is a good idea as it's for home office...
  15. A

    Best Tab under 10k

    Hello, I wanna buy one tablet in within 10k in which I can watch offline movies, play games, live video streaming and it should have calling facility with 3g support. can anyone suggest me something8-)
  16. ankush28

    best MoBo for i3-3210 around 4k

    I want to know which is best motherboard for ark.intel.com/m/products/71053/ i am gonna use this for mid gaming and autocad works... my budget for CPU+MoBo is 10k i3-3210 cost about 6.1k so budget for MoBo is 4k only... :) help me
  17. P

    Buying Smartphone under 10k

    1. Budget? 15k 2. Display type and size? 4 - 4.5 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand?Any but good ass 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). touchscreen 6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash, autofocus...
  18. ShankJ

    Cell Under 10k

    I'm planning on buying a cell under 10k and would be using it for day to day use only.. Good processor and RAM is a must and i can compromise on the camera quality.. Presently short listed Lumia 520 but i'm open to suggestions..
  19. avichandana20000

    mobo+cpu only for 10k

    pls suggest a mobo+cpu only for 10k
  20. S

    I want to buy a phone in range below 10k

    Hi I want to buy a phone below 10k and I am having choice of canvas2 and iball andi 4.5q please anyone suggest me the best phone in this range Pls reply
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