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My PC with motherboard Gigabyte G31 is getting old. Its internal sound port is not working.
I.e I cant connect 3.5mm jack to my pc.
I can’t install external sound card as the space is occupied by gfx card which obstructs the space.
Is there another way to connect my headphone/speaker with 3.5 jack to the PC ?
I tried usb sound cards and most of them don’t last for more than 2 months.
Is there any Wi-Fi/bluetooth enabled on-the-ear / over-the-head
headset/speaker available under 1k inr as my pc is wifi enabled?
Any help is appreciated



Right off the assembly line
I'm pretty sure a PCI port must be vacant since your GFX must be using a PCIe. You can use a PCI sound card like this one:
Zebronics SC-4CH PCI Internal Sound Card Price in India - Buy Zebronics SC-4CH PCI Internal Sound Card online at Flipkart.com
Although these mostly don't support Windows 8.
You can try using USB Sound Cards but try to research before buying. My friend had a Zebronics one and he had a very bad time with it. He claims his earphones' left earpiece stopped working after using with it.


you can use bluetooth headset / headfones. tie them us with a bluetooth dongle to use.

search flipkart for such headsets in mobile accessory section.
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