1. RumbaMon19

    Need Suggestions for Wireless router Under 3K

    Hi, I am setting up ethernet in my house. I need a router suggestion which will be able to manage both WiFi traffic and Ethernet traffic. My basic needs are these :- Should have 5 Ports on it. I would prefer 1 port to be gigabit, but it is not necessary. Dual Band will be better. I will...
  2. A

    Need help with wireless adapters for screen mirroring

    Does using Wi-Fi on a 5ghz band help in better screen mirroring than 2.4ghz? I'm currently using a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi dongle on pc for casting (to fire tv) and I see some lag in cursor movements and screen transitions. Will upgrading to a 5ghz dongle be worth it?
  3. J

    JioFi vs alternatives

    Hi Friends, I'm thinking of getting JioFi. Or something very similar(cheap/reasonable). Does anyone have experience in this case ? Is there any good competition for JioFi from other carriers like !dea,Vodafone,Airtel,Tata or others ? (Google wont give me much on this one) I've been searching...
  4. X

    Cannot access from Binatone Wifi Router

    Here are my CMD ipconfig messages I was able to access earlier but I cant do that now. Looking forward to replies.
  5. kg11sgbg

    Unable to access Alliance BB Internet by my DELL Laptop.

    I am running Alliance Broadband by having Tp-Link TL-WR740N wifi 150N Router configured properly. Till yesterday I was able to access the network by my DELL Inspiron 14 5447 Laptop at ease. Today due to my own fault as I tinkered the WR740N through the Dell laptop,everything went kaput. I wanted...
  6. meetdilip


    How can I use Kodi on PC / Android on TV using Chromecast 2 ? I want to stream movies on network through WiFi to TV.
  7. kg11sgbg

    Wifi Router(only) for alliance broaddband and below Rs.1000(not a single paise above)

    Hello friends,I am switching over to ALLIANCE Broadband (Preferred+) Plan. Abandoning BSNL, which was my network ISP since 2007(with combo voice + BB features). I want a wifi-Router(not with combo modem) below Rs.1000/- Not a single paise to exceed the budget. From which one should I buy...
  8. V

    printer recommendation

    Hi Guys I am looking forward to purchase a new printer and have narrowed down my selection to the below stated 2 printers and would like your recommendation as to which is better 1.Brother DCP-1616NW Monochrome Wifi Multifunction Laser Printer has wifi, multifunction, had adf an additional...
  9. A

    TP Link W8968 - Wifi Issues

    Hello Everyone, Almost an year back I got a TP Link W8968 router to use with Airtel broadband. Not able to recall it was there in the beginning itself but since some time (probably 7-8) months I have been facing a problem where the Wifi stops working. Laptop and mobile that are connected to...
  10. H

    Wifi issues for Dlink AC750 DIR-803

    Hey Guys, I have been using Dlink AC750 DIR-803 D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router for the past two years. Lately I have been facing wifi issues. I use the 2.4 ghz band for my mobile phones, laptop and PS3. The 5.0 ghz band is for television. And the desktop is connected via lan port on...
  11. A

    I want wifi booster that can extent its range to the maximum

    I want wifi booster that can extent its range to the maximum i mean which wifi booster can receive signals upto 200 meters
  12. H

    HELP PS3 super slim not able to connect to wifi!!!

    Hey Guys, I got Sony PS3 super slim 12 GB and plus I am newbie to consoles. Before powering it on for the first time I upgraded the harddrive to 500 GB and booted up. Everything went fine the PS3 booted up shows me everything but I am not able to connect to my Wifi. I have a dual band...
  13. IronCruz

    Fast internet but slow wifi!?

    I use Digisol DG-BG4100N Wireless Broadband Router, with BSNL 4Mbps ULD plan. Everything was going smooth and fine, but recently, internet speed used through wifi has become slow-ish i guess. I came to know about it when i opened instagram and app got freezed/slow loading/not responding. I re...
  14. G

    Extending wifi range?

    Hello, to all of you, I got a new connection of broadband, the ISP provided a CISCO DPC-3825 Modem for usage, its wifi coverage is very much limited, it only provides WIFI on first floor, I want to extend its capability to ground floor as well as to second floor, please advice which device...
  15. B

    Wifi router for BSNL 2mbps connection

    Hi, I need advice from you from buying a wifi router for my BSNL broadband (not optic fibre). I'm pretty new to wifi routers so please suggest what kind of router should I go for. It will be used for home use. Building is a two story house. I was thinking of buying 'TP-LINK TL-WR841N...
  16. K

    Extending my Hathway Connection through Wifi

    HI All, I recently took a hathway connection and it came with a very cheap plasticky Techni colour 7200 router. I was wondering which would be the best router to replace this one? 2ndly i want to know if i can extend the wifi from the TC 7200, as I have a TP link portable 3020. Please let me...
  17. U

    Suggest a DDWRT wifi router

    Hi friends, Need some guidance. I am currently using TP-Link W8968 ADSL Modem wifi router with ACT fibrenet. The main problem for me is low wifi range. Within the same room where the router is located, no problems at all. But if I walk away upto some 20 feet, signal is very low and poor and...
  18. lywyre

    [Help Request] Screen mirror/ cast with Sony Bravia 40CX520

    I am trying to cast/ mirror from my mobile to 40cx520 Sony Bravia tv. This TV did not have inbuilt WiFi, I am using Sony WiFi dongle for the same. I have paired my mobile with the TV. I tried some YouTube videos. But I cannot find the screen mirroring option in the input options of the TV...
  19. N

    Wifi router purchase advice...pls urgent (as amazon is giving good discount)

    Dear all, I want to buy a wifi router for following need: 1) using net upto 15 Mbps speed over my phone and other devices i may buy later like TV, tablet, PC 2) I want to make my router a wifi storage hub by connecting a portable harddisk, preferably through USB 3.0. 3) to securely access...
  20. kool

    How to extend WIFI signal to 2 flats on same floor ? Help me !!

    Hi guys, I am using BSNL broadband with Siemens modem + TPLink WR740N wifi router in my flat. I have also other flat at the same floor but distance is 40-50 feet from my flat. I think buying LAN cable gonna cost me more and also not suitable for wiring. In a row there are 3 flats. and my...
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