1. S

    Best Wireless Mouse for laptop

    I want to buy wireless mouse for laptop. There are many choices available & I am confused. Comfort, Quality & Battery Life is important. Should not be too expensive. Should I buy Bluetooth or USB?
  2. R

    Auto Mode of Channel, still lots of interference

    I have set auto mode for channels in access points. But still there is a lot of interference. What could be the reason behind and how to fix it.
  3. Sagar Shaikh

    Signature Acoustics Robin Bluetooth Adapter Review

    Mod Edit: Kindly take note that the person who reviewed it works for the store that owns (and sends review units to others) the brand. There is no dearth of Bluetooth adapters in the country. However, Robin, which was just recently launched by Signature Acoustics (SA) claims to be the best...
  4. bad_till_bones

    Suggest a wireless router for home

    Hi, Topic says it all. Need a wireless router for home.
  5. D

    Required bluetooth earbuds

    Hi all, I require a set of wireless headsets around Rs 5000. The main purpose of the earbuds is for wireless calling, music us secondary(I will have a second post for this), please can you guys suggest some decent wireless headsets that have a good call quality and, if I have to listen to...
  6. V

    Wireless gaming mouse, headset and keyboard + Wired headset

    Hi guys, I'm planning to connect my windows tablet to the TV and play CS:GO. So I am looking to buy wireless peripherals. I do not want to spend a lot on the top-of-line stuff and I'm quite ok with cheap to mid range products. A total spend of not more than 10k for all 4 devices would be...
  7. GhorMaanas

    [Want to Buy] Xbox 360 wireless controller

    Hello, need a wireless, *original* xbox 360 controller. white coloured. location is Mumbai. pls PM me your offers. thanks.
  8. P

    Wireless Headphones and usb Bluetooth device under 4K

    Hi, I have a rather uncomfortable setup with a wall mounted TV as monitor, so I need a wireless Headphone. I want to play games(Dota) and watch movies and you tube video with it. I will be fine with average sound quality, but want that the lag is minimal. A mic is a must. Over the ear would...
  9. S

    Does anyone here use Wireless KB? what is your thoughts on Logitech MK345?

    i have read many reviews for wireless KB (in general) and the most common complain was delay in typing/unresponsiveness of the receiver. some complained about low battery life. what has been your experience so far? which one would you recommend around 4-5 thousand rs.? here is the link...
  10. anarchy0x

    Wireless Keyboard & Wireless Mouse for general use at a budget of about Rs 700-900 total

    Which are the best ones available for general use at a budget of about Rs 700-900 total. If price is increased by some margin, for better features, that is also fine :smile: I know that these are simple things but sometimes they can make a lot of difference
  11. anarchy0x

    Wireless Keyboard & Wireless Mouse for general use at a budget of about Rs 700-900 total

    Moved to the peripherals section
  12. ssb1551

    Wireless Headphones/Earphones under 4 or 5k

    Hi Digitians, I am trying to reduce the amount of wires connected to my PC. So the first option is that of the wire from earphones. Does anyone know of any good wireless headset (headphone/earphone)? I am good with either a headphone (provided it has soft pads for the ear lobes) or an...
  13. A

    Purchase Advice for Wireless USB Adapter

    Hello, Need to buy Wireless USB Adapter. Searched hard and came to solution that this wifi adapter is good reviews : TP-Link TL-WN722N 150Mbps Wireless USB Adapter Kindly suggest me best Wireless USB Adapter which is fully compatible with linux and supports Monitoring mode and packet...
  14. X

    Wireless audio output

    My PC with motherboard Gigabyte G31 is getting old. Its internal sound port is not working. I.e I cant connect 3.5mm jack to my pc. I can’t install external sound card as the space is occupied by gfx card which obstructs the space. Is there another way to connect my headphone/speaker with 3.5...
  15. L

    Need a decent AC wireless router

    So I just got new fiber cable connection after finally deciding to ditch the unbearable BSNL internet connection. As a result I have to buy a new router with an ethernet input (RG-45) rather than a DSL/ADSL one. I need a dual band router as a do a lot of online gaming and streaming, it should...
  16. S

    Suggestion for a decent wireless desktop adapter Network Interface Card under INR 2000

    Hi gadget geeks, I need your help guys.Currently,i am using D-Link Wireless G DWA-510 Desktop Adapter for my desktop(for 7 years).But recently i broke the WiFi antenna of the adapter and now i want a better NIC.I use my internet connection for watching online...
  17. M

    Best wireless microphone under 15k

    I want to buy a wireless microphone set under 15k including two microphones and a console for my karoake system or just two microphones which I can directly connect to my karoake system using that standard microphone jack. Suggest a best one. I know only about samson and shure.
  18. H

    Help needed buying all in one wireless printer

    I'm looking to buy an all in one wireless printer. I'll probably print 10-20 pages in one month and not print anything in another. This is going to be my first printer. So, I don't know about maintenance or cartridge cost or how long a cartridge will last or things like that. I can't figure out...
  19. nisargshah95

    Wireless USB adapter compatible with Linux

    Hi, I recently lost my Netgear N150 WNA1100 wireless USB adapter and am on a hunt for a replacement since it is out of stock in Flipkart as well as Snapdeal. My main priorities are good strength (mostly be using it college corridors where routers might not be that close) decent size (not like...
  20. anky

    URGENT! Need earphones.BUdget - 2000

    Hi Guys, Need earphones for around rs 2000 for bday on 3rd march to gift to myself! :P Need to order today itself. Which type of earphones should i buy. 1. IN ear wired earphones, or 2. IN ear wireless headphones. does wired have better qaulity over wireless? Usage - In Gym...
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