1. PulkitSingh18793

    How to use headphones as headset(mic) [Sony MDR-XB450] [SOLVED]

    I bought a Sony MDR-XB450 ExtraBass from flipkart about an year ago. I started gaming up Steam about an year ago and I really feel the need for microphone during the sessions. When I plug the headphones on phone the mic works just fine but the problem is that my PC has two seperate jacks for...
  2. audiophilic

    Twinwoofers M2 - The Best Smartphone Headset You Can Buy in India

    I'm a big fan of the Tekfusion - Indian based company releasing high-quality audiophile products. I recently read that Tekfusion has finally released the new edition of their smartphone headsets, and it's called Twinwoofers M2 Headset. Here's some details about this headset...
  3. V

    Best Headset with OR with Out Mic Under 5000rs

    HI I need a headset mainly for gaming and music listening under 5000rs I like Kingston HyperX Cloud Core as it metal construction it will be durable as i'm fed up with plastic headset breaking
  4. V

    Wireless gaming mouse, headset and keyboard + Wired headset

    Hi guys, I'm planning to connect my windows tablet to the TV and play CS:GO. So I am looking to buy wireless peripherals. I do not want to spend a lot on the top-of-line stuff and I'm quite ok with cheap to mid range products. A total spend of not more than 10k for all 4 devices would be...
  5. mitraark

    VR Headset for OnePlus 3

    Just used a friends Lenovo ANTVR Headset recently with my OnePlus 3 and was really blown away by the 180 and 360 videos. I think it'd be nice to own one myself. Need to know which VR would be the best buy considering quality and VFM factor? Should I go with the ones with headphones as well ...
  6. ssb1551

    Wireless Headphones/Earphones under 4 or 5k

    Hi Digitians, I am trying to reduce the amount of wires connected to my PC. So the first option is that of the wire from earphones. Does anyone know of any good wireless headset (headphone/earphone)? I am good with either a headphone (provided it has soft pads for the ear lobes) or an...
  7. O

    LeEco Le2 VR compatibility?

    Dear All, I am planning to buy the Le2. quick query- i understand it comes with gyroscope support. Has anybody tested the VR handling of the mobile? I have the ANTVR headset, can i use it with the Le2? please confirm. Thanks.
  8. S

    Ps4 headset/ear piece with mic for below Rs 2000

    Hi, My default earpiece which came for ps4 is broke. I am looking for an average ear headset for chatting and gaming purpose. I am not a big audiophile , just need a decent headset . Please advise. Cheers
  9. X

    Wireless audio output

    My PC with motherboard Gigabyte G31 is getting old. Its internal sound port is not working. I.e I cant connect 3.5mm jack to my pc. I can’t install external sound card as the space is occupied by gfx card which obstructs the space. Is there another way to connect my headphone/speaker with 3.5...
  10. B

    VR headset for Lenovo Vibe P1

    Hi guys, I want to experience VR with my Vibe P1. Please recommend a budget VR headset which would be the best fit for it. I'm miopic, so a headset with adjustable lens would be great! Also, I checked if my phone has gyroscope using an app - it shows it to be pseudo gyro. What does that mean...
  11. KRISHI101

    which is good VR headset? which really gives theater experience..

    which is good VR headset? which really gives theater experience.. If anyone used.. And is MotoG3 compatible with VR? i google it and found that it doesnt have gyro-sensor.
  12. GhorMaanas

    Steelseries 7H Apple Edition

    Expected Price (Rs): 3000 Item Condition: 5 out of 5 Purchase Date: April 2016 Remaining Warranty Period: None (no invoice)...
  13. R

    Need gaming headset under 15K

    Hi. I am looking for a gaming headset with mic. I play COD and CS:GO. My Budget is 15K. My friends suggested the SteelSeries Siberia Elite headset. My previous headset razer kraken has been giving me problems. Hence I would like to go for steelseries now as it looks really sturdy and so many of...
  14. R

    Bluetooth device for mobile under 2k

    I need a Bluetooth in-ear device for mobile under 2k which is mainly used for calling. Some friends suggest me Plantronics & Jabra, but they don't know exact model. Could you suggest me any Bluetooth device. You can also suggest any other brand.
  15. W

    Need to buy speakers with Digital input (s/pdif) support

    Hi, I am really a n00b when it comes to speakers and audio gear in general. I have an Xbox One and my old desktop. Currently I use the standard Xbox One headset for the Xbox and a Microsoft chat headset for my PC. While, this is good for gaming I find it increasingly frustrating to watch...
  16. R

    Logitech G430 vs Kingston HyperX Cloud !

    Need a quick Suggestion. Shortlisted the Logitech G430 and HyperX Cloud Headsets for FPS gaming and movies. Not much of online VoIP other than non gaming calls. Logitech seems to have good surround sound in my opinion. But the HyperX Cloud has better reviews online and Logitech is around...
  17. R

    Need Gaming Headset

    Hi Guys, I would like to purchase the following Steelseries gaming headset. Can you suggest which one I should go for? I play a lot of FPS Multi-Player games please suggest SteelSeries Steelseries Siberia V2 Headset SteelSeries Siberia Raw Prism Headset Thank U :)
  18. R

    Gaming/Movie Headset

    Planning to buy a headset that can be useful for FPS gaming and watching movies. Please suggest wireless and wired. Budget is around 3000rs max. Thank you
  19. R

    Steelseries Elite Headset Suggestions!

    Hi Guys, I am a regular FPS gamer and would like to purchase a Steelseries Headset and right now I have my eyes on the Steelseries Elite - Steelseries Siberia Elite Prism Wired Gaming Headset - Steelseries : Flipkart.com I need suggestions from people who have used this particular headset...
  20. H

    Need gaming headset within 3.5k

    Title says it all. Need a new headset mainly within 3.5k mainly for CSGO. Doing my homework, these are my current options, will be adding more Plantronics Gamecom 388 (2.9k) Logitech G130 (2k) Creative Hitz Ma2300 (2k) Steelseries Siberia V1 (2.3k) Sennheiser PC 310 (3.3k)
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