Windows 8 Developer's Preview


Windows 8 Developer's Preview(updated)

First of Guys here are my Computer specs

Athlon II X4 635 @ 2.9Ghz || Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-US2H || Kingston 2x2 Gb 1333Mhz DDR3 || WDC 500Gb Green || Palit GTS 250 512mb || Tagan 500W || Samsung B2030 || Lg DVD Writer ||


I have installed Windows 8 in a virtual machine. First I tried Vmware but unfortunately windows 8 does not wok in vmware.


I read some where, it runs in Oracle Virtual box(I am not familiar with). So I installed it and it was successful in Running windows 8.

Here are the specs of my Virtual Machine:

Windows 8 64-bit, With 2 cores and 1.5 GB Ram, and 10 GB HD

As I have installed in virtual machine then Boot time and processing time can not be accurate or accepted.

Installation of windows 8 was similar to Windows 7. Before Going to desktop in initial info it asks for windows live ID to sync our setting in all computers but It also gives option for creating local user.

Time & space

It is virtual machine but still installation took around 20-25 mins. Including time I took screen shots and named them. so it is around 20 mins.

After Installation around 900MB was free from My 10 Gb virtual Hard-Disk

Here are the screenshots



I don't think @ current stage all Drivers are included as It did not detected my graphic card or Monitor, that is the reason all screen shots are in 4:3, installation shots are in 800x600. after logging in I changed to 1024x768.



all talked about ribbon in explorer here it is. Ribbon can can be minimized and expanded as per use. So it won't use the screen space until you need it. I didn't find any new options in Ribbon all options in it are that we(advanced users) are using it from years(thru shortcuts). now just those shortcuts have been given UI. Also some Context menu Item have been added.


Task manager is Improved and I liked it. their is 2 modes, one with fewer details and one with advanced


Metro UI

I miss old start menu. Still searching for "UI" to "shut down". shortcut "alt+f4" works so using it for now. their are 2 types of apps. metro ui and desktop.

In metro ui their is no way to exit apps. to exit apps just leave it and go to start screen by pressing "win" Key and then after a minute it will be closed automatically. If their is any music playing in that app then u need to shift to dekstop and then it will stop playing and then after a minute app will exit itself.

so to get option in metro ui apps u need to "right click" and then u will get few option at Bottom of ur screen. Like in Games u get new game,restart,save,import,Home.

Switching Apps

Alt+tab still works and it is same as in windows 7.

win+Tab here are the changes. Now we don't get that 3D interface As apps switches in Full screen.

Now u can use mouse to switch between couple of apps. Move your Mouse Cursor to left of your screen and then last active app thumbnail is visible. clicking on it u switch to that app.

Control Pannel

their is 2 mode of control Panels. One with metro ui and one old windows 7 style. (old windows 7 , :lol: Windows 7 is now old)Control Panel metro style is lite version of dektop Control pannel which has link(link::"More settings") to desktop control Panel. ..


well I have not used for much just an hour or so. But I really didn't like integration of touch controls in it. I miss that old start screen. New start screen is useless, if ur using mouse and keyboard. I like metro ui, It might/will be pleasant to eyes. but that touch integration is not good. I hope in future release it has option in installation what type of "UI" you want old keyboard Or touch.

will Update more if necessary. IF some one needs to know anything Pls ask, I will check and let u know. Installing any app or games not necessary or logical. as this is not even Beta version.

Check Post No 19.
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Pretty good. Task Manager looks good, but still a far cry from Process Explorer.


Looks like Win 8 will be easy to run on Hp touchsmart type of PCs; metro ui looks eye candy btw


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Nice review. I wanted to download it but its 2.8 GB :(. BTW virtualbox doesn't allow the virtual OS to recognise your graphics card. Instead I think it provides it with its own virtual graphics card. Instead from settings you can enable 2D and 3D acceleration from regular graphics card.


The minimise to exit feature may be annoying to a lot of us used to closing applications. Otherwise this release looks fine. I don't think I will be buying a copy anytime soon after release though (not even an upgrade license).


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Just missed it, so now even the OS would be tied with the Windows Live. The bad just got worse! :(


^^ thanx but I already got it yesterday. About Pin,resize tiles I knew. That is why I said I will post some new screenshots Today in my previous post.


Dialog Boxes

Copy Dialog Box has been improved Much look wise. But still it does not show accurate time remaining.

Their is no Dialog box to Send file to recycle bin, but their is if u do "Permanent Delete". (shift+del)



Now Windows Name is in center. Buttons have been added in Title Bar (left Top).


Internet Explorer

Again Internet explorer is in 2 flavours. Metro n Desktop. here is Look Of Metro


Start Button

When u take(hover) mouse cursor to left Bottom near start Button U see a Menu. On clicking on "settings" u see a Menu in Right of screen which has "power" button which gives option to "shutdown " or "restart".





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^^ Nice Review.
When you delete file windows 8 warns or not.
Are you checked any USB3.0 device with windows 8.
What are the games bundled with windows 8?

Still downloading .........
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