1. anmolksharma

    #defineLife - 'A Week in the Life of a Software Engineer'

    Disclaimer: The write up is a work of author's fiction considering the variables & constants of many software professionals known to the author who enters or already are in the IT industry with big hopes and (∪) does not necessarily resembles anyone in particular including the author himself...
  2. D

    [Query] Which SMPS brand has the best reliability and warranty service?

    Hi! I'm looking to buy a PSU (550 to 650 watts preferably). Which brand has the best after sales service and reliability? I'm not living in a metro. Thanks
  3. Revolution

    IEM under 1K

    Hi All, I want to buy a new IEM within 1K for listening music on the go through mobile phone/PMP. Sound/Build quality must the best in the price range as well as Noise Cancellation cos Kolkata Metro Rail/Buses are very noisy. Sadly my one and half year old PL11 not working properly. Sound not...
  4. gdebojyoti

    Metro UI apps for Windows 7

    Is there a way to create apps for Windows 7 that will have an interface like the Metro UI? The apps will also have the ability to connect to the internet, and exchange data with a particular website (I want to create a desktop app for a website of mine). I want to use technologies like...
  5. Extreme Gamer

    Metro: Last Light to not release in India?

    I received email from flipkart. They cancelled my Metro: Last Light pre-order saying that THQ's dissolution has resulted in there being no supplier for the game in India. But AFAIK, games from Deep Silver (new owners of Metro) are indeed distributed in India, so what should I make out of this?
  6. koltanga

    Nvidia giving out free FPS Metro 2033 keys on Facebook

    Nvidia giving out free Metro 2033 keys on Facebook | News | PC Gamer if it does not work, then log into FB and click on the URL below. You'll have to like the pag that appears after which the key will be revealed. Game is on Steam AFAIK
  7. Renny

    Reliance ADSL and Metro Ethernet query.

    I hope this is not a repeated query... Anyway, I ditched BSNL and have applied for Reliance Wired broadband, I was told sales guy will contact me in 2 days, then I realized that there is something called Metro One provided in addition to ADSL. 1. I need a dynamic IP connection (switch...
  8. S

    Any good Red Hat Training Institute in Delhi?

    I want to get RHCE Certified,please help me in finding any good Red Hat Institution in Delhi.I currently have zero/no knowledge of Linux.Want a hands on training on linux,that's why i want to enroll in RHCE Course.I want to begin the course as early as possible.Please help me in locating a good...
  9. sid25290

    buying an ipad

    hello guys i am going to buy a ipad but i am not sure if i should go with the new ipad or the ipad 2 the only thing i need it for is to watch movies while traveling in metro as my work place is like 1 hour away i took a laptop for that purpose but its getting heavy to watch a movie in a...
  10. Abhishek_Z

    Windows 8.... What do you think ?

    Windows 8 After watching a review of Win 8 on Youtube many people think that Win 8 is Win 7 with Mosiac Metro UI. What are your comments ? Are you going to upgrade ?
  11. R

    Best Graphics Card for Gaming at 1366x768??

    Specs: AMD Phenom II X4 965 ASUS: M4A88T M 4GB RAM. I will play games like Crysis, BF3, Metro 2033. Thanks. My budget is around 6.5k.
  12. clmlbx

    Windows 8 Developer's Preview

    Windows 8 Developer's Preview(updated) First of Guys here are my Computer specs Athlon II X4 635 @ 2.9Ghz || Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-US2H || Kingston 2x2 Gb 1333Mhz DDR3 || WDC 500Gb Green || Palit GTS 250 512mb || Tagan 500W || Samsung B2030 || Lg DVD Writer || Installation I have installed...
  13. gameranand

    Metro: Last Light

    OK fellas the new sequel of the legendary Metro 2033 has been officially announced. This one would also feature Multiplayer for game Platforms - PS3, XBOX 360, PC Publisher - THQ Developer - 4A Games Engine - 4A Engine Release Date - TBA TT8PyT_BkUw From developers More will be...
  14. M

    Are You Game?

    The “Are you game” workshop series is hitting Delhi this Sunday and you are in the thick of it. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer with a killer rig or a complete noob, we have something in store for you. Get answers to all those nagging questions about games and configurations and graphic cards...
  15. NucleusKore

    Cops catch couple canoodling, court saves them

    Source: The Delhi High Court on Monday came to the rescue of a newly-married young couple who were caught canoodling at the Dwarka Metro station by a policeman. The case deals with a couple who got...
  16. Baker

    chennai vs bangalore

    lets start comparison between 2 metros in india hi guys.. me basically from kerala... i was in chennai for last 1 year.. bt nw am in bangalore.... in my view both has +ves and -ves.. chennai +ves 1 : city infrastrucure is good 2 : roads are good , big enogh to tackle traffic 3: metro is...
  17. A

    Delhi Metro on DISCOVERY !!

    Hey guys Today please watch Discovery at 8 PM as there will Delhi Metro show on it. No I am not any DISCOVERY Advertiser here :P just felt good that it's coming on Discovery that and they are publicizing it much. I think it's the first time that any Engineering beauty from India is coming on...
  18. Quiz_Master

    Life -> In Metro & Big Cities Vs. In Towns.

    2 Days ago I was discussing this with our friend Saurav Basu (aka Choto Cheeta) that where life is more easier and comfortable - In metro cities or in Towns. I think life in metros is much more exciting(But I live in a town.) buty Saurav bhai thinks that life in towns are good. (and he lives in...
  19. C

    Bloody war ahead: MS wants Adobe PDF taken out...

    When Bill Gates showed off the new Metro document format in Longhorn at a hardware conference last week, some analysts were quick to call it a PDF killer. Indeed, there's plenty of overlap between Adobe's popular Portable Document Format and what Microsoft is planning to include in the next...
  20. damnthenet

    The LONGhorn!

    Hello! The word 'bout Longhorn's out long before. But is this Longhorn worth our LONG WAIT? A question to ponder over. I'm completely ignorant of its so called new features except METRO. What are the features that comes built with the OS outwitting its predecessors?
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