Why do we want to commit suicide?

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I'm in fight club & your name is Desmond David. Reconvert to Hinduism & save your soul from the melech harvesters.

Abraham married his blood sister & pimped her. So you literally worship a BC. :D

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Give me a good incentive. I don't care about where my soul goes.

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I thought attacking religion is a bannable offense or is it just that the mods have taken a nap

or perhaps its punjabi raaabo at work here


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[MENTION=318694]punjab47[/MENTION] hey careful with the language and avoid getting personal


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I strongly believe there are some guys who are purposely hired to create topics on social media, forums, whatsapp or anything which can go viral to create division among nation of people based upon caste , sometimes region. Subtly promoting some political party and making fun of other. Whenever there is any incident or event, it is being used, instantly I see a whatsapp or FB long message or long kavita/ poem or a graphic utilizing it to further create division and people blindly forward it. Just like guinea pigs , they do whatever those "Social Media Promoters" wants them to do.

However, when I saw this topic, I really felt good about this place that here everyone just shares the same spirit of togetherness and really feel great to be part of this place. I guess this is the reason forums still exist, while FB or other places are filled with virtually blind and mentally handicapped people (in majority) , forums now vastly comprises of intellectual people as rest (the regular kind of fellas) have migrated to social sites completely.

There are several incident where I have seen even grown up people with retarded and imposed mentality when it comes about religion and region.. atleast this place is still not infected ..
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