1. P

    Why do we want to commit suicide?

  2. RBX

    Storing answer to security question

    I use salted hashing on passwords and store salt in plaintext, but am doubtful on what to do with security answers, is there an accepted practice ? I have a general idea regarding this, that includes converting multiple spaces to single, trimming leading and trailing spaces, converting to...
  3. M

    Solid state drive

    Hi guys, I was thinking about buying an ssd around 64-80 GB.. Will i get drastic improvement in performance if i invest in SSD? How reliable it is? and how expensive is it india now? Also which all are the leading brands available in India? Please share ur thought about SSD Thanks in...
  4. trigger

    Unsubscribe from spam mail?

    Hi, Just want to confirm: Is it safe to unsubscribe from the spam to avoid unsolicited mails. The unsubscribe link is leading me to *www.harmonyespecially.com/login/process.asp?user=*******@gmail.com&token=5B46F3069B1989E38 Any idea?
  5. gowtham

    Enter the customizable phone!!

    "Just as Dell Computers revolutionized the PC industry in the 1990's with customized, factory-direct computers, we are the world's first customized cell phone manufacturer., a Our factory-direct prices make our phones cheaper than our leading competitors even without a mobile carrier contract...
  6. krates

    Share market

    Hey all guys i have heard that you become too rich if you invest in share market so i have some money which i want to invest in share market just tell me which company is leading these days so i can invest some money in that Thanks in advance
  7. Anindya

    Gaming Summit!

    Just after the first big expo (PlayStation Experience) in these parts, India's first Gaming Summit will be held tomorrow (which is 28th November, for those who don’t have a calendar), organized by Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd. and The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). The...
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