1. S

    Best MS Colleges

    Hi Buddies, I am confused, My Brother is willing to Learn MS in abroad. He is in Pre final year.Which is the Best University in Australia? Can anyone suggest?
  2. P

    Why do we want to commit suicide?

  3. E

    Installing oem apps

    Hi I have a moto e 2015 and I'm planning to install Cynogenmod 12.1 on my phone. My phone came pre installed with Android 5.0.2 and had a few pre installed apps like gallery and moto assist. I really like these features and don't want them to go. Is there any way I can install these apps after...
  4. S

    I need a pre shipment finance to import Jetski's in India.

    I need a pre shipment finance to import Jetski's in India.
  5. I

    How good is this config?

    Just wanted to ask how good this config is? What games it can run and at what settings? Also what would it be worth, buying pre owned? Intel i5 650 Nvidia gts 450 MSI h55 p33
  6. Running_bull

    Europa Universalis IV what do u think about it ?

    Hi guys ... what do u think about Europa Universalis IV ? I like playing startegy game like CIV 5. Should i go for this game ? The trailers look good and the pre order bonuses are awesome. Thanks
  7. azzu

    [For Sale] HP PRE 3 16 gb with Touchstone Charger

    For Sale ! HP PRE 3 16 gb with Touchstone Charger running webos 2.2.4 , 16 gb memory , 1.4 ghz Proccy , Pretty fast and polished OS , awesome fast charging with Touchstone HP Pre 3 - Full phone specifications Expected Price: only Trade (open to all options at same...
  8. C

    Digit pre book error

    Hey guys, I dont know to contact whom, so posting it here, I payed for pre booking jan digit and payed using my sbi maestro, but the digit confirmation page showed payment unsuccessful, whereas i got an email from ccavenues regarding confirmation of payment for the same. Help !!!
  9. R

    Headphones, earphones news and discussion thread

    Hello I want 2 know the price of steelseries 3h & from where i can buy it in mumbai ? Thanks :smile:
  10. Razor 1911

    Game Purchase XBOX 360 Help!!

    I want you guys to help me cause i am thinking of getting a new game for my XBOX 360 Slim.I have Shortlisted Crysis 2 La.Noire Pre Order Gears Of War 3 Pre Order COD Black Ops AC Brother Hood Portal 2 I am leaned towards getting La.Noire or Gears Of War 3 Are there any other games...
  11. A

    Budget of 18k. STRICT. Cellphone

    I have a budget of 18,000 no more no less. I want the best phone possible. Any OS works for me. But I would like to have a decent number of apps at my disposal to download :D But just out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea how much the HP Pre 3 is going to cost? webOS looks awesome...
  12. M

    Pre booking for Sandy Bridge CPU's and Motherboards started

    Hi guys., there is a good news. Pre booking for Intel Sandy Bridge processors and Asus , MSI motherboards starts @ smc.. i5 2400 - Rs.9750 i5 2300 - Rs.9200 Asus P8H67 M LX - Rs.6100 Asus P8H67 M LE - Rs.6500 MSI P67A GD55 - Rs.9750 Delivery starts in 7 days.. Hurry up..
  13. hskpunjabi

    best free dos vfm laptop cable for running xp,win7

    best free dos vfm laptop capable for running xp,win7 hi friends,i need a laptop which i planned to buy at year end.....upto that time win7 would be Pre installed os 4 laptops......but it would be costlier too...if i could get a good deal of free dos laptops( i might buy xp/other os...
  14. ritesh.techie

    Palm Pre - iPhone Killer (as per they say!)

    Palm Pixi as we know it is in news since they pooped a word about it marking it as a iPhone Killer phone. And now it is here a truly killer phone with sleek design and an attractive looks and what more a QWERTY keyboard too... Look what they say on their official site- Introducing...
  15. anish_sha

    windows xp sp3 over pre installed vista sp2

    Hi guys wanna install windows xp sp3 in my hp pavillion laptop which comes with pre installed with windows vista home premium edition (32 bit).. i know there are several guides over the internet.. but can u suggest me a simple i never done it before....
  16. A

    Is your Palm Pre spying on you?

    Users of the Palm Pre were shocked by reports that the popular little handset periodically phones home with details on where you are, and what you're doing. Is Palm up to no good, and is it the only phone manufacturer that's gathering your info? Read On
  17. A

    Palm Pre introduced in CES 2009

    The Palm Pre running the latest WebOS(code name: Nova) has been just announced at CES 2009:
  18. coolest111

    Extract Pre Installed Vista

    Any Way To Extract Pre Installed Vista From Dell Hdd??
  19. T

    God of War for the PSP

    hey, i found this link .. * God of War is releasing for the PSP... God of War : Chains of Olympus .. and if you pre order it with a new PSP , you get a kratos action figure free..
  20. I

    What Procedure

    if my mobile is infected and files are corrupted and i want to clean all apps and media except pre insalled OS nd Apps.explain the procedure.
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